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There Is a Place for Winter :: 3 Unexpected Gifts from...

It is easy to get frustrated with the negatives of winter — cabin fever, all the effort it takes to layer your kids up to go outside, digging your car out of snowbanks just to leave the house. Like all the seasons, winter is fleeting. Enjoy the gifts it offers us while it is present. Despite my skepticism of this frosty season, I have come to realize that there is a place for winter.

6 Ways to Thrive in the New England Winter (With Small...

We’ve all been there. The holidays can be a whirlwind of fun and delight, January is full of newness and resolutions, and then the reality of the New England winter sets in. I have to say, I’ve come to embrace winter over the years, and this year I wanted to think more about how. Here's what I've come up with so far.

A New England Transplant’s Guide to Boston Winter

Prior to moving to Boston, I had spent eight years living in the D.C./Baltimore area, which does not have a stellar record when it...

Staying Calm and Present This Holiday Season

If the holiday season doesn't go the way you envision, there's always next year. Let’s not forget that the season is about the joy and the meaning of our holidays, not the junk, or the events, or all the things. You do the holidays your way, I’ll do them mine, and everyone else can go about it their way. Let’s go into this holiday season happy and excited with sound mind and presence so we can enjoy our children, our faiths, and our families — and a little of all the extras.

Three Cheers for Spring!

There’s always hope that this milder weather will stick and that days spent outside for hours are just around the corner. That March, which came in like a bit of a lion with its foot of snow, will go out like a peaceful, gentle dove, segueing into a perfect summer.

4 Things to Do in Boston When Winter Just Won’t End

At this point in the Boston winter, it feels like the season will never, ever end. Tons of area museums, libraries, and organizations break out their best activities for February break, but what are you supposed to do in the wintertime that remains after break? It’s still cold, it’s still doing who knows what precipitation-wise, and you might get even more bored than you were before. Don’t fret — here are four ideas of things to do in the Boston area that will break up the late winter boredom beyond February break.

Winter Survival :: Indoor Activities in Boston and Beyond

Life with children gets tricky in the winter. If your kids are anything like mine, they need to get lots of energy out on a daily basis. We don’t do well sitting at home all day. When it’s below freezing, and you can’t send your kids outside to play in the yard all day, how do you survive the long winter months? I have some great indoor activities to share with you!

Easy Medicine Dosing :: OnCure App

We are in the heart of cold and flu season. With three active kids (two of whom are in school), a lot of germs go through our house. With those germs come many fevers. Many, many fevers. I was recently introduced to a really nifty app, OnCure, that makes tracking medicine dosages much easier (and safer!).

Where to Find a Cozy Cup of Hot Cocoa in Boston

The first soft, fluffy flakes of winter have fallen on our city, much to the delight of my 2.5-year-old. I think he remembers last year’s crazy...

Trying to Like Winter in Boston

I've been told I need to start liking winter in Boston, if not for me, then for my kids. I really do owe it to them to try to like winter. And, honestly, I'm getting tired of feeling trapped indoors.

Get Outside and Play :: Clothes and Accessories to Keep Your...

We all know Boston winters are no joke! It is essential for little ones to get out and play, and being stuck inside all winter is not an option. Here are some ideas for great winter gear to keep your kiddo toasty warm through this harsh season.

Bertie’s Creative Creamery :: Our Favorite Ice Cream Shop!

The first thing that strikes you upon entering is how Bertie's combines the best of a classic ice cream shop — clean white lines, the unmistakable silver of the milkshake machines, and counters with stools you can spin around on. This classic atmosphere is more than skin deep, though. Every aspect of Bertie's shows it is a well cared for, local, family business.

Snow Day :: A Sample Schedule

Here in beautiful metro Boston, there's a 75% chance any day between November 1 and May 5 will be a snow day. Days without...

February Is Not My Friend :: Fighting Off the SAD This...

February and I are not friends. We're barely on speaking terms. My whole life, February has been the month where I run out of steam...

Survival Guide for When the Kids Are Sick

It's only January, and in our house we have already had two rounds of colds each, plus that nasty norovirus over Christmas. I was...