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COVID Thanksgiving :: Not the Holiday We Want, but Maybe the...

My husband and I have spent every Thanksgiving in the recent past with his family. We've packed up our one, then two, then three...

Don’t Mourn COVID Thanksgiving — Own It!

Well, eight months later, we are still living through a pandemic. We are still physically distancing from others (I hope) and still...

Nominate a Family :: New “Little Turkey” Baby Shower THANKSGIVE-AWAY

As the premier parenting resource in the Greater Boston area, Boston Moms' mission has always been to enrich the lives of the moms we...

Giving Thanks for Dirty Diapers

I am so thankful for my amazing daughters, my loving and supportive husband, and my community. I am so grateful for the laughter, the songs, and the hugs that are constant in my life. And I am thankful for... dirty diapers.

When Thanksgiving Is Hard :: Gratitude in a Difficult Season

Halloween has come and gone, and that means we're moving right into what many consider to be the happiest (and often busiest) time of...

An Attitude of Gratitude This November and Beyond

Being grateful is a simple attitude with a profound effect. It reminds me of the good in my life when days are full of chaos and tantrums. Being grateful begins with me, ends with me, and allows others to get the best version of me — the thankful one.

15 Thanksgiving TV Episodes for When You’ve Had Enough of Family

Whether everyone is happily stuffed with turkey and simply wants to set their brains to neutral, or whether everyone is so over talking to each other and needs something to stare at, there's a Thanksgiving TV episode for every situation.

Being Thankful for the Unthankful Tasks

The Thanksgiving season bombards us with exclamations of things we need to be thankful for and ways in which to show how very thankful we are. But my focus this year is different than in years past. This year, I choose to be thankful for the unthankful tasks in life. 

There’s Plenty to Do in November in Boston!

Here is a roundup of family-friendly activities to enjoy right after Halloween and before the holiday season. Let's make the most of November in Boston!

Holidays 2,000 Miles From Family :: How We Created Our Own...

I love the holidays. Especially Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love the parties, I love the feel of it all. But most of all,...

A Family Gratitude Challenge :: 5 Ways to Practice Thanksgiving Daily

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity... it makes sense of...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a fun, relaxing, and joyous day full of food, family, and fun!

5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Home

'Tis the season of Thanksgiving and gift giving, time with family and friends, turkey, and the first crisp days of winter. This time of...

Soaking Up Thanksgiving History in New England

Roasted turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie — all are delicious emblems of Thanksgiving. Today, Thanksgiving is synonymous with family gatherings, football, delicious food, a...