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How the Pandemic Erased Alcohol From My Life

According to many statistics, alcohol sales outside of bars and restaurants have grown since the pandemic started. With uncertainty and stress filling our every...

Christmas Wasn’t So Magical

I’m not going to lie; this holiday season wasn’t all that magical. It wasn’t the Hallmark movie script I had in my head. I had big plans to make Christmas cookies, drive around to see the lights, have the presents beautifully wrapped with time to spare, build a gingerbread house, decorate the tree while singing Christmas carols, and attend all the holiday parties. Here’s where my plan got foiled: I have kids.

Easy Ways for Moms to De-Stress

It's imperative that we take care of ourselves and seek a little calm in the storm. Sometimes the simplest things can really help us de-stress and feel just a little bit better as we face the day and all the constant demands of motherhood.

My Super Easy Secret for Regaining Sanity

I've started using the most stressful moments as opportunities to gather those last shreds of sanity. Want to hear my secret?

Self-Care or Self-Comfort?

As someone who spends most of every day parenting solo (including dinner and bedtime five nights a week), I felt drained after the birth...

Mom’s Gone Wild :: 7 Ways Stressed-Out Moms Can Blow Off...

Look, just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I don’t need to have adventures, blow off some steam, and even be a little naughty...

Why You Eat Your Kids’ Leftovers — and What to Do...

Every mom has experienced this: A wayward goldfish that fell off your daughter’s plate makes it into your mouth. Or maybe the remnants of...

Marijuana Mommy

I guess you could say I was known to take a few hits back in high school and college. (No mom, I'm not talking...