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It’s Self-Care, Not Selfish

Hey, mama! Yeah, you. Stop what you're doing for a minute. Take a nice long breath. In, and out. I have a question for...

Mommy Needs Her Run

There are few things I can control during this pandemic. And there are few luxuries I am allowing myself. One of these...

3 Easy Self-Care Practices for Moms on the Edge of Burnout

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Sarah Harmon, a licensed mental health therapist, a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, and the...

Meet a Boston Mom :: Alexandra Rogers, LexRx

Moms don’t get the recognition they deserve! As a business run BY local moms FOR local moms, Boston Moms is excited to showcase the...

6 Self-Care and Immunity Boosters for Families

I can say unequivocally that this is one of the more challenging times for families. With homeschooling, social distancing, and the uncertainty of when...

Zoom :: The New Night Out?

I have been Zooming all week. Staff meetings, department meetings, morning meetings, read alouds for my kids, a special 'happy birthday' for my son, and my favorite — happy hour. Zoom happy hour has become a regular part of my day, when I carve out time to enjoy a drink (or more) and chat with friends. These calls have been vital to my week and help keep me sane and grounded each night.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During a Global Pandemic

Things are uncertain and scary right now. There's no way to know when life will return to normal — when we'll all look back on this time and say "remember when." But there are certainly some silver linings to it all. We're slowing down and really focusing on family time. We're doing everything we can to make sure things are relatively calm as we set new routines for our kids. If you're anything like me, you're also using this time for yourself as best as you can. It's easy to get wrapped up in what our kids need most, but we can't forget to take care of ourselves right now. Because, as we all know, you can't pour from an empty cup. So here are a few suggestions for how to take care of yourself amidst the craziness.

I Didn’t Expect to Have to Worry About My Parents Yet

My parents are 73 years old. My in-laws are 69 and 70. I am fortunate to have all four of these wonderful people in...

3 Lessons Learned from My Recent Trip to the Nail Salon

A manicure can cost as little as $15 and take as little as 15 minutes. I got to get out of the house and connect with someone face to face, see other women bopping around taking care of themselves, and, most importantly, do something to take care of myself while also paying someone to take care of me, in a way. It did wonders to boost my self-love. Let’s love on ourselves more often, especially when it involves a nice pop of color that can bring joy! 

The Days Are Getting Longer… And So Are My Early Morning...

These morning walks have changed my life. I promise I am not dramatizing it. Getting to see the beginning of a new day full of possibilities is nothing short of a blessing. And with the days getting longer comes earlier sunrises, which is my favorite part of my walks.

But I Don’t Have Time to Read

I get it. Motherhood is exhausting. And motherhood in addition to other commitments (you know, like a marriage, a job, friends) feels nearly impossible....

You Might Be A Good Mom If…

Some days I wake up ready to dominate the day: Healthy homemade food prepped for my littles? Check! Limited screen time and lots of...

We Broke the Rules

Tonight, we broke the rules. It had to be done to save my sanity. And the world didn't end. The rule is no TV on school...

I Am an Iceberg Mom

I often feel like I am misunderstood. Friends will comment on how well I am managing the difficult parenting situation I have been given. They see my strengths, and though I see them too, I also see the work. The energy — both emotional and physical — that parenting has taken. I see the missed opportunities my kids have had because of my fear of not being able to handle a situation.

Early to Rise: A Window into My Life at 5:40 A.M.

I cherish my early mornings. Those minutes before the kids' wake-up clock turns green are all mine. They help me stay sane. Here’s a window into my "early to rise" mornings — or a week's worth of them, anyway — and what you can find me doing at 5:40 a.m. as I try to hold all the pieces together. This is not a tale of heroism. In fact, it might be a tale of foolishness. Though I bristle when I hear myself use the word "busy" to describe my life, here I am... busy.