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How I Met Your Father

    Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story… the story of how I met your father. Why have I decided to do...

What the Pandemic Has Done to Us

I'll never forget it; one day in my classroom, a colleague mentioned she was worried about the coronavirus and whether it would make its...

I Didn’t Expect to Have to Worry About My Parents Yet

My parents are 73 years old. My in-laws are 69 and 70. I am fortunate to have all four of these wonderful people in...

I Am an Iceberg Mom

I often feel like I am misunderstood. Friends will comment on how well I am managing the difficult parenting situation I have been given. They see my strengths, and though I see them too, I also see the work. The energy — both emotional and physical — that parenting has taken. I see the missed opportunities my kids have had because of my fear of not being able to handle a situation.

How to Help a Friend Who’s Experienced a Miscarriage

Maybe it's your own grandmother who never spoke about it. A friend of a friend. Another mom in your child's class. Or maybe you're the one in four who has experienced pregnancy loss. For me, it's all of the above. I never imagined I would be a part of this particular mom's club — the one where we lost a baby we loved but never met. The club that has us silently grieving years after the loss, while everyone else has forgotten.

An Ode to My Other Relationships :: Why I Never Miss...

So what’s my strategy? It took work, but I learned to take control. I have prioritized my 'me time,' and over the past six years my two besties and I have made a commitment to one another (no rings required) and to our relationships with each other. Like clockwork, we meet monthly — without fail. It’s our tradition, and I look forward to this day as if it were an all-inclusive getaway to a remote paradise island. We constantly mix it up, always succumbing to our inner foodies. We keep it spontaneous, getting lost in conversation and cocktails, not knowing how long our adventure might be (and always knowing it’s never long enough).

5 Ways to Appreciate Your Child’s Teacher (from a Teacher’s Perspective)

Get involved. Be that parent. Parents often apologize for emailing me too often. I tell them to never apologize for advocating on behalf of their child. Open communication is important in all relationships. Whether your child is in preschool, high school, or anywhere in between, remember that you are their advocate, and you should have a relationship with their teacher. You don't have to go out of your way to set up meetings. Emails and phone calls (I prefer emails because I do not have a phone in my classroom) are adequate. As a teacher, I appreciate when a parent is involved in their child's education.

When It’s Over…

I don't know how I would have reacted a year ago if a fortune teller had tried to warn me that divorce was in my future. I probably would have called her a nasty name and told her to stop lying. Well, in my head I would have. In real life, I probably would have just burst into tears. But she would have been right, and I would have still ended up here.  

Staying Married for the Kids :: Yes or No?

The decision to stay or leave isn’t easy. For years, I was afraid of the effects a divorce would have on her. But in reality, things got better.

She’s Just Not That Into You :: Dealing With Someone Who...

I consider myself a fairly self-assured and confident person. However, there is a situation in my life right now that brings out every insecurity...

My Shower Audience

Remember the days of a long, peaceful shower? Yes, I do too. Like many other moms, my showers are quick these days. I'm fortunate...

On the Day You Were Born, So Was I

You launch yourself into my arms for our nightly bedtime hug, and I breathe the smell of your soft blonde hair against my face....

Sometimes It Really Is That Good

As I settled down on the couch with my husband, our kids sleeping peacefully upstairs, all of us worn out from another amazing weekend...

Grandparents Day :: My Grandparents Are The Reason I Had Kids...

I'll never forget it. My dad stood leaning against the doorway of my childhood bedroom the day after our first married-Christmas and gave me...

Breaking the Stereotype :: Amazing Dads

I saw a great comic posted on one of my mom groups on Facebook showing how moms are simply too busy to ask for...