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Celebrating Pride Month with Young Children

Happy Pride!  My children are 5 and 2, and this is the third year we will celebrate Pride Month as a family. Each year we...

Learning to Love Bedtime with Toddlers

I LOVE putting my kids to bed at night! OK, what parent of small children actually loves bedtime? In truth, what I love is the...

5 Inspiring Books for Your Little Feminist

I’ve purchased and returned way too many books that I felt sent her the wrong message, for one reason or another. Sometimes, I really just despise how women and girls are depicted in children’s literature, and it makes me extra thankful when I’m able to find a book we both love. These are our tried and true favorite feminist books, chosen for you by my favorite 3-year-old, in no particular order.

An Ode to My Local Library

This week we celebrate National Library Week. As a voracious reader and former teacher, I have long appreciated my local library. Once I became a mom, this appreciation reached a whole new level. Love? Devotion? I'm not quite sure the word... all I know is I owe a debt of gratitude to that charming little building around the corner that I will never be able to repay.

Do Something Epic With Your Kids (Or What I Learned by...

Recently, a few days before my daughter’s ninth birthday, we finished reading the final book in the 'Harry Potter' series. And in the process, we learned a lot. More than just about thestrals and hippogriffs. I’m talking about the kind of stuff one learns when they embark upon an epic project over days, months, or even years. Think a large-scale LEGO creation, a 2,000 piece puzzle, or a fitness chart tracking one-mile runs with an end goal of 100.

8 Books That Teach Kids to Make the World a Better...

If there's anything the last year has taught us, it's that the fight for justice — and, more specifically, teaching our children what's right...

O Canada! Home of Awesome Children’s Books

A few months ago it was my cousin's first birthday. I was at a loss for what to get her — she's the second...