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13 Alexa Skills My Preschooler Loves

Recently, I did something I never thought I’d do as a parent: I put an Alexa device in my child’s room.  Although I blame the...

Hey Kids, Please Just Act Your Age

My son recently turned 2. And he’s so good at it.  My husband came home from work one evening and pointed at the newly installed...

Free-Range Walking in the City (Safely!)

As my oldest son has demonstrated trustworthiness, we are building the skills he needs to gain further independence. He no longer has to hold my hand to cross streets, because I know he'll stay close and not run recklessly. Now when we come to an intersection, I ask him, ‘Are we safe to cross?’ He gets to make the decision — but I have to sign off before we move forward. Before I trust him to do it independently, I am teaching him the skills he needs to do it safely.

Being a 3-Year-Old is Hard, Y’all

I am exhausted. At the end of the day, though, I’m still your baby. I still need your snuggles and your love. It will get easier for both of us, I promise. And in the meantime, look at my sweet little 3-year-old face. You really haven’t seen anything more adorable than your sleeping toddler, have you?

The Best Pieces of Parenting Advice My Dad Never Gave Me

My dad has a gift of connecting with babies. He really is the baby whisperer. When I had my first baby four years ago,...

Hello New Preschool Mom! It’s Time to Stock Up on Hand...

Congratulations — your baby just started preschool! You're probably a mix of emotions right now. You're sad to see summer go but excited to get...

8 Ways To Enhance Your Story Time

Reading to our children is one of the most natural inclinations for most parents. Stories have been passed down throughout humanity first through oral...