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My Preschooler Showed Me Our Terrible Day Wasn’t So Bad After...

“We’re having a great day!”  “We are?” My question back to my 4-year-old’s declaration was posed with exhaustion, defeat, and total surprise. It had been a...

My Kids Do Not Get Along, Like, Ever, and It’s the...

I sneak upstairs and wash my face. I put in one contact lens. Then I hear screaming from the preschooler — 'Stop sitting on me! Stop bothering me!' I go down the stairs — half blind — hop the baby gate, and pull the toddler off his sister. I bring the toddler upstairs while I finish getting ready. Desperate to just get out of the house, I allow him to bring his potato chip breakfast upstairs, too.

10 Exciting Milestones — for Preschoolers!

No more diapers. Or pull-ups. Or swim diapers. Or anything other than underwear! My kids are about 1.5 years apart, so it feels like we've been living with diapers for eternity. But once they're gone, the feeling is awesome. (Both for your kid's accomplishment and the family budget.)

Being a 3-Year-Old is Hard, Y’all

I am exhausted. At the end of the day, though, I’m still your baby. I still need your snuggles and your love. It will get easier for both of us, I promise. And in the meantime, look at my sweet little 3-year-old face. You really haven’t seen anything more adorable than your sleeping toddler, have you?

Three Things About Age Three

Age 3 is a challenge. (I've written about it here.) Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by how hard it is, every moment, and I need...