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Guide to Boston-Area Private Schools and Preschools {2020–2021}

Open houses, application deadlines, the right fit, OH MY! If you are going through the daunting task of trying to pick a preschool or a...

Old Fashioned Field Day :: Games for the Whole Family!

After all of our summer activities were officially canceled and I was done feeling sorry for myself, I sat at our (very messy) kitchen...

My Favorite Apps for Preschoolers :: Tested and Approved

In our family, the policy regarding screen time is blurry, at best. Pre-quarantine, we spent a LOT of time in the car driving, and...

I Won’t Sacrifice My Relationship With My Kid to Homeschool

We started off strong, with homemade checklists compiled from materials sent by my daughter's six different therapists and one teacher. Our workbooks were secured,...

I Held My Son Back In Preschool — Here’s Why

Since it was time to register the children for the following school year, I became even more confused and emotional about what would be best for him. How could I send him back to preschool without truly knowing what he understood, where he fell in the classroom lineup, or where he would be with his speech therapy. It just didn't feel right. While brainstorming ideas, a thought came to me: What if he repeated the 3-year-old class? It may sound odd to hold a toddler back in preschool. But for my son, it was a pivotal choice.

4 Tips to Make the Transition to Preschool Easier

Develop a goodbye routine, and practice it in advance. Provide a concrete time frame for your departure. Preschoolers haven’t grasped the concept of time yet, so saying you’ll stay for one puzzle is more meaningful than saying you’ll stay for five minutes. Your routine may include a secret handshake, a set number of hugs and kisses, or a story once arriving at school. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent.

KinderCare Seaport Grand Opening!

The KinderCare center itself was absolutely gorgeous. Ramps from floor to floor made it accessible for all. Each classroom was bright and cheerful, with large windows overlooking the Seaport district. Inspirational quotes and Boston-themed accessories and decorations adorned the walls, making this Boston-loving girl feel right at home! Each classroom held a myriad of educational toys that encouraged creative play, neatly organized into centers.

10 Exciting Milestones — for Preschoolers!

No more diapers. Or pull-ups. Or swim diapers. Or anything other than underwear! My kids are about 1.5 years apart, so it feels like we've been living with diapers for eternity. But once they're gone, the feeling is awesome. (Both for your kid's accomplishment and the family budget.)

Why I Decided to Have My Son Evaluated for ADHD

Everyone joked about how my son was never going to do anything he didn't want to. Everyone was right. So we decided to seek a formal ADHD evaluation.

I Fought to Hold My Child Back in Kindergarten… Here’s Why

I began to consider redshirting my son — having him enter kindergarten a year after he was “allowed.” But he was so ready to go that I sent him.

SolBe :: Reimagining Traditional Notions of Childcare and Preschool

SolBe Learning [sohl-be] is an early learning center that reimagines traditional notions of child care and preschool.

Searching For Great Child Care? Ask These 9 Key Questions

Choosing the perfect child care center is a big deal, and it can be stressful. You want a place where your child will be happy, loved, nurtured, and safe.

Lessons Learned From My Son’s Purple Crocs

My son has a fondness for Crocs. To be crystal clear, when I say “fondness,” I really mean “a whole hearted dedication so deep...

Hello New Preschool Mom! It’s Time to Stock Up on Hand...

Congratulations — your baby just started preschool! You're probably a mix of emotions right now. You're sad to see summer go but excited to get...

My Daughter Starts Preschool This Fall… and I Can’t Wait!

"Mama, you be the baby and I'll be the mama."  "Can I watch something, Mama?" "Mama, will you read to me?" "I'm hungry. Can I have a...