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My Baby Turned 1 — and So Did My Postpartum Body

After my son Leo turned 1, I had a LOT of thoughts swirling in my brain. I had a real good cry about how he...

Phantom Baby Crying Is Real… But You’re Just Imagining It

I grew up in the nineties, so I am going to quote The Cranberries here: "In your head, in your head, they are cryin'. In...

Meghan Block, Owner of Boston Moms, Gets Real About New Motherhood

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Stephanie Rampello, co-founder and CEO of WellNested, a female founded startup on a...

All Things Baby :: Boston-Area Resources for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Newborn...

Hooray! You're pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or recently had a baby. Now what? Pregnancy and postpartum can be filled with so much excitement and joy, but it can also be overwhelming to try to make the best decisions for your growing family. From prenatal and postpartum support to newborn nighttime challenges to pelvic floor therapy and nutrition, this guide has it all.

To the Mama with a New Baby… We’re Still Here

Becoming a new mom is hard on any given day. But to the mama who has delivered a brand new baby during the time...

Dear Pre-Baby Body: I Don’t Want You Back

The whirlwind of motherhood can be overwhelming and difficult to process. My lack of desire to shed the pounds or eliminate the cellulite is not a disguise for laziness; instead, I have learned to welcome rest — both mentally and physically. It has been life-changing to shift my perspective, making the conscious choice to enjoy my femininity (whatever that may look or feel like). Why do our bodies need to be what they used to be? Can we not be satisfied with how they are now? All of us women deserve bragging rights — our bodies are amazing.

12 Things a Postpartum Mama Really Needs (and She May Not...

So, how can we help our fellow new mama friends? Before I became a mother, I would excitedly show up at a new mom’s home with the cute baby layette and matching stuffed animal and want to snuggle and spend time with the new baby, give my friend a congratulatory hug, and go on my merry way — and all with the best intentions. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a new mom I greatly cherished all the thoughtful visits and gifts I received. But I have found that acts of service can be incredibly helpful during the postpartum healing process — and SO deeply appreciated. My recommendation is: Ditch traditional, keep it practical.

Congrats on Your New Baby! But I’m Not Coming to Visit…

Everyone gets so excited when family members or friends have a new baby, and we immediately want to see them. I have done the same. Each friend who has had a baby, the first question I used to ask is, "When can I come meet him/her? What can I bring you? I'll watch the baby while you sleep!" But, things have changed. My son got meningitis at 4 weeks old. 

Postpartum Anxiety :: The Other Disorder

It was December, and my daughter was a happy 5-month-old. I had this new mom thing down, for the most part. Breastfeeding was hard,...

Help Me, I’m Leaking :: In-Hospital Postpartum Tips for a Better...

I sit here typing this, 38 weeks pregnant with my third child, munching on two servings of Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos and doing...

The Invisible Baby Weight

At two years postpartum, I still don’t feel quite like myself. I carry extra baby weight, but it isn’t physical. It’s the weight of motherhood.

I Don’t Want My Pre-Baby Body Back, Thank You Very Much

Getting back to our pre-baby weight is seen as some sort of accomplishment by society, the fitness industry, and the media. I've come to...

How Motherhood Helped Me Find My Courage

There are moments in your childhood that you hold on to, however insignificant they seem at the time. One of those moments happened at...

Sorry, First Child, I Don’t Love You As Much

Everyone said, "Having two is hard, but when your second is born you'll love them both more than you ever imagined you could." For me,...

The Truth About Labor Pains: Why Recovery Matters

Yesterday I went to buy baby gifts for a dear friend who is due with her first baby this summer. While I wistfully passed...