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My Preschooler Showed Me Our Terrible Day Wasn’t So Bad After...

“We’re having a great day!”  “We are?” My question back to my 4-year-old’s declaration was posed with exhaustion, defeat, and total surprise. It had been a...

The Last Day I Will Ever Cry in a Parking Lot

And then there's the 'mom guilt' I am so tired of. I feel guilty I don't play with my kids enough, guilty they have too much screen time, guilty I made them chicken fingers twice in last week for dinner and a frozen pizza once. I just want five minutes of not being needed. I want to go to the bathroom without an audience. And then I feel awful that I have mom guilt. It's so confusing, and raw, and overwhelming.

Mom Brain — It’s So Real

My husband and I were driving home from brunch with friends on a gorgeous, sunny day while two children wailed in the backseat. The house,...