You Are My Sunshine :: A Letter to My NICU Baby

You are my sunshine, My only sunshine. We were sure we couldn’t get pregnant naturally and were making moves to start IVF. But then, my baby...

The Sweetest Surprise :: Gabriel’s NICU Journey

My youngest son has always been full of surprises. This isn't shocking, considering he, himself, was the biggest surprise of my life. I was...

No One Talks About the NICU :: An Unexpected Birth Story

For those of you who are still at the NICU or have been there and haven't talked about it, talk about it. We need to create more communities for NICU families to talk about this incredibly difficult experience and how it shapes us as caregivers. I'd love to hear your story. Because mine needs company.

What I Learned From Having a NICU Baby

"Looking at my son today, you'd never think he'd been a preemie. When he gets hangry and downs a bottle like he's been in the Sahara desert dying of thirst for three days, it's hard to believe he was on a feeding tube for the first few weeks of his life. As he achieves all the standard milestones like a pro and is on an average growth track, I know we are lucky that he is healthy — and I am thankful for that."