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A Nurturing Approach to 2021

Last year my New Year's resolutions went out the window by April. So instead of setting goals for 2021 that may not be possible...

Breaking Up With 2020 (And a Few Things I Want to...

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. Bye Felicia. It's been real, but we're so done....

Preparing for the Post-Holiday Drop

For me, it is inevitable: Every year after the holidays, I experience a drop. I feel sadder, more irritable, exhausted, and a...

Letting Go of 2020

What high hopes we all had for 2020. A new decade. My biggest 2020 let down was in September.   Ever since I birthed my last...

Saying NO to ‘New Year, New Me’

If what you’re doing feels overwhelming, pick one part of it that you CAN do. Prioritize and decide what the most important, necessary pieces are — instead of what would be the ideal. (Cue the song from Daniel Tiger: “When something is hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.”)

This Year, Do THIS Instead of Making New Year’s Resolutions

It is well known that New Year's resolutions seldom work out (80% of people do not keep them). So how about we consider something different for this year's transition from 2019 into 2020?

10 Home Organization Tips for the New Year

Now that the holidays are over, I sit here with anxiety. Facing the post-holiday mess — with so much more clutter than last year — I'm wondering how we got here? How in the world can a 5-year-old have so much stuff? The new year feels like the perfect time to reflect on how to keep ourselves from hoarding or living in clutter. So I've come up with 10 home organization tips to implement this year. Give them a try!

Making Yom Kippur Meaningful — for Our Children and Ourselves

Let's face it — Yom Kippur is a hard day. As a mom, I've made it my goal to make Yom Kippur less grueling and more enjoyable, or at least meaningful.

When You Have Nothing Left :: Surviving the Fallow Season

Happy New Year? This whole celebrating the New Year with excitement, vim, and vigor has never resonated with me. Are you kidding me? After...

Back in the Fitness Saddle

I distinctly remember the day the tipping point came. We were visiting my in-laws over the summer. We had a week of delicious snacks...

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Have Sex with My Husband

Let's talk about sex. Can we? Because it's been on my mind lately. Yes, I'm just like a teenage boy these days: All I...

Why the Jewish New Year Works for Everyone

I've always loved this time of year. There's so much that's new about it. Shiny new shoes, brand new clothes, sleek new haircuts, backpacks...