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3 Easy Self-Care Practices for Moms on the Edge of Burnout

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Sarah Harmon, a licensed mental health therapist, a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, and the...

The Baby Who Made Me a Mom Is Turning 4

For now, we take each day as it comes. We learn together, and we overcome together. And yes, four years later, we still rock in our chair together.

Dear Fellow Mom, I Wish I Had Said Something

I'm sorry I didn't say anything. Because I've been there too. Next time, I promise to tell you how good of a mom you are. I'll tell you not to worry about everyone else. Your son was so happy to be helping, to be learning from you, and you were both smiling. Those are moments we need to cherish and think about. 

I’ve Become My Mother

The first time I heard myself using one of my mom's phrases, I cringed a little. But I realize now, why wouldn't I want to be like my mother? I had a great childhood. And my mom is a person I really like today as an adult. I can only hope I'm as good a mother to my children as she was and is. So the next time I put on a sweater and tell my kids to do the same, I'll smile. Because I'm just like my mom.

“Who Raised You?” A Tribute to My Parents’ Love

I started thinking… who did raise me? I thank my parents for their love, for their dedication, and for raising me in a way I am proud of.

I Get It Now, Mom

I get it now, Mom. I haven't been a mother for all that long. And I'm sure I'll have more "Eureka!" moments along the...