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Celebrating Pride Month with Young Children

Happy Pride!  My children are 5 and 2, and this is the third year we will celebrate Pride Month as a family. Each year we...

Hearing Loss and Mask Wearing :: A Unique COVID Challenge

It was a typical Sunday morning at Market Basket, our favorite local grocery chain, and I was standing at the checkout line sporting my...

It Is Better to Be Defined by Our Kindness than Our...

We are better than this, my friends. Fellow moms, we are used to loving selflessly, giving when we don’t think we have anything left, and caring even when we don’t want to. Now is the time for us to lead. Not (just) by how well prepared we are or how well we protect our own families (although both are important), but by how we love our neighbors.

Practicing Gratitude in the Midst of Coronavirus

A full night's sleep offered some needed perspective the next day: My family was safely home together. We had plenty of food. We were all healthy. As the media highlighted those who were not as fortunate, I knew I did not want to take our situation for granted. 

On COVID-19 and Facing Fear :: There’s More to Learn than...

This isn't easy. Mostly because I, too, am angry and scared and sad. I want to go back to normal. Unfortunately, it looks like this is the new normal, at least for a little while. As uncomfortable as I am, I can't take that out on others. And while I'm happy that everyone has a newfound love for handwashing, I'd like to encourage a love for kindness, compassion, and love itself.

Saying NO to ‘New Year, New Me’

If what you’re doing feels overwhelming, pick one part of it that you CAN do. Prioritize and decide what the most important, necessary pieces are — instead of what would be the ideal. (Cue the song from Daniel Tiger: “When something is hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.”)

Please Stop Teasing Your Kids

I'm not talking about joking around and being silly — my husband and I act that way with our kids all the time. The type of teasing I am talking about is humiliating or shaming kids. I am talking about words and actions that are unkind and meant to embarrass. For example, think about when an adult gives a negative remark about a child's appearance. I recently witnessed a father say, in front of his child, 'He needs to lay off the ice cream or he's going to be fat like me,' and then chuckle about it.

My Turn to Pay It Forward

I don't know when I'll get the chance to buy someone's groceries, but I will if the opportunity presents itself. Until then, I made a donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank. I'll hold the door for someone with a stroller, the way others have held the door for me when I've had my stroller. And I'll look for other opportunities to pay it forward.

How to Raise Kind Kids

It’s exhausting and draining to get sucked into the tornado of comparison. And I think sometimes we lose sight of the importance of teaching our kids kindness.

3 Things to Never Say to an Autism Mom (and What...

April is Autism Awareness Month. What can you do to support the autism community today? You are at a playground and strike up a conversation...

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If there's anything the last year has taught us, it's that the fight for justice — and, more specifically, teaching our children what's right...

I Am a Human Being :: That Day the Internet Bit...

I am uneducated. I only got my bachelor's degree, and in French studies, no less. I have a ton of faults, one of them...