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AoPS Academy Lexington :: Where Exploration Meets Challenge

Could a new challenge be exciting for our kids in these strange times?  Since 1993, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) has prepared hundreds of thousands...

2020 Back-to-School Essentials :: Mom Tested and Approved!

Back-to-school shopping definitely looks different this year. If you'll be embarking on the adventure of homeschooling, virtual learning, or hybrid learning, you're going to...

Supporting Our Kids as They Return to School

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Rita Morris, a local parent coach, certified life coach, and licensed mental health counselor. Who...

My Favorite Apps for Preschoolers :: Tested and Approved

In our family, the policy regarding screen time is blurry, at best. Pre-quarantine, we spent a LOT of time in the car driving, and...

Thinking About Homeschooling? Get Started with 4 Easy Steps

It happened quickly. Families all over the country were all of a sudden at home, schooling their children. COVID-19 really shook us and is...

School’s Out for the Summer, but Learning Doesn’t Have to Stop

A socially distant summer is sure to look different for your family this year. But it does not have to be boring. Companies have...

I Won’t Sacrifice My Relationship With My Kid to Homeschool

We started off strong, with homemade checklists compiled from materials sent by my daughter's six different therapists and one teacher. Our workbooks were secured,...

Today We All Cried

Today we all cried. Some of us cried because we miss our friends. Some of us cried when the iPad was taken away. Some of us cried...

The Power of the Morning Meeting… at Home

For those of us whose kids have attended (or up until recently were attending) preschool or elementary school, the phrase "morning meeting" will likely...

Social Distancing :: This Isn’t Going Well… and That’s OK

But this has taught me something. There is not one type of mom. There aren't even 10 types. Or unicorn moms, or helicopter moms, or whatever fancy name type people want to use to label moms. There are just moms.

Confessions of a Homeschool Flop

On nice days, I shoo the children out the door. The dog digs holes. The children fall into the holes. The kids don't come inside until they are covered in more dirt than the ground itself. They're practically feral. There have been approximately two nice days.

Kids Love Podcasts Too! :: Family Podcasts I’m Loving Today

There are huge benefits of allowing children (and adults!) to listen to podcasts, which are essentially synonymous to the "old school radio shows" of the past. If used frequently, they can improve concentration, critical listening skills, and imagination. Attention and memory are also built over time in order to follow along with the story or episode. I went on a quarantine quest to find my favorite podcasts for kids, and I was totally unprepared with the amount of amazing material I found!

Online Learning Resources for an Accidental Homeschool Mom

In the midst of everything, I'm secretly a little happy about having a few weeks with my kiddo unexpectedly. I'm excited for board games, movie nights, endless games of hopscotch, and bubbles in the backyard. However, I'm also going to need to keep my kiddo's mind occupied at least long enough for me to shower and maintain some of my sanity. The reality is that I'm an introvert and she's an extrovert, and when she's uttered 300,000 words before lunch my brain feels a little fried.

We’re All Homeschooling Now (and That Isn’t a Bad Thing)

If teaching your child certain lessons isn't coming easily to you, try your best, but mostly focus on making memories with your children. Go for walks, play outside, complete house projects together, sort through their clothing, play board games (and really teach them the rules). There is more to learn in life than simply academics, and we can all use this time to learn and grow together as families.