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6 {Easy} Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Kids

If your usual Valentine's Day plans are looking different this year, don't worry! Boston Moms has got you covered! This resource is here to help...

The Season of the Elves

Before we cuddle up and watch “The Polar Express,” the kids search through the house to find the hidden elves. Our elves aren’t your standard “Elf on the Shelf” — no, ours are hand-painted glass figurines passed down from my husband’s Nana and Grandpa, to his mother, to him. They're in sleeping position because they travel every night to report back to Santa. If you touch them, they “turn to glass.”

Making Leprechaun Mischief on St. Patrick’s Day

Last year we had quite the party. We did all the stuff we usually do and brought along a box of our favorite cereal — Lucky Charms! That box is so big and we're so tiny, it's no wonder it spilled all over your kitchen table. I bet you enjoyed eating it all, especially since it's a special St. Patrick's Day treat your mom won't buy the rest of the year. Oh, and last year I think we might have even dyed your toilet water green!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Boston With the Littlest Valentines, Too

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33 Stocking Stuffers That Aren’t Plastic or Candy

This year, I came up with 33 ideas for stocking stuffers that are neither plastic nor candy. Try some of these to fill your stockings this Christmas!

Holidays Are Better With Kids

It's no surprise that having kids throws wrenches into how you live your life. Sometimes they are wonderful wrenches, though. Here are a few...

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Kids

There's no question that we live in one of the most Irish cities in America. Boston and Irish heritage are practically synonymous! So when...