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How to Find Small-Scale Child Care, Even During a Pandemic!

Scrambling to figure out child care options that feel safe right now? As you can imagine, with COVID-19, child care will look different this...

It Takes a Village, Especially During the COVID Quarantine

Prior to quarantine, social distancing, and all that has come with COVID-19, the phrase “it takes a village” could have been put on a...

Dear Daycare Provider, I Miss You Most of All

I get my son up every morning. There’s always a bit of disappointment that it’s me waking him up these days and...

How Boston’s Commute Problems Are Impacting Moms

Even with that resolve, there’s a breaking point you reach every few weeks when your train is late again, and you know you won’t get home now until after 7 p.m. again, and your youngest — and probably last baby — has reached some milestone that daycare got to see first again, and you either get angry or start crying or both. It’s rough.

KinderCare Seaport Grand Opening!

The KinderCare center itself was absolutely gorgeous. Ramps from floor to floor made it accessible for all. Each classroom was bright and cheerful, with large windows overlooking the Seaport district. Inspirational quotes and Boston-themed accessories and decorations adorned the walls, making this Boston-loving girl feel right at home! Each classroom held a myriad of educational toys that encouraged creative play, neatly organized into centers.

10 Exciting Milestones — for Preschoolers!

No more diapers. Or pull-ups. Or swim diapers. Or anything other than underwear! My kids are about 1.5 years apart, so it feels like we've been living with diapers for eternity. But once they're gone, the feeling is awesome. (Both for your kid's accomplishment and the family budget.)

9 Things I’ve Learned From Going Back to Work After a...

Recently, I was asked to speak on a panel about going back to work after having a baby. Having done this twice, I am definitely no expert, but I can speak about what worked for me. Here are nine things I've learned (or wish I'd known) based on a predictable weekday schedule.

Boston Moms Guide to Drop-In Childcare

Here at Boston Moms Blog, we know how tricky it is to find spontaneous childcare. So we put together this guide of childcare providers that offer "drop-in" hours for parents. Each childcare provider has different specifications, costs, and options, but all offer flexible, drop-in childcare for your daytime coverage needs!

Childcare for Nurturing Early Learners :: Bright Horizons

As a mom of three who works from home, finding people who can take care of my children in a way that makes us all feel safe and secure is crucial. As parents, we all want to find a place with people who love and support our children and encourage them to be their best in a nurturing environment. I've always believed a childcare facility that encourages children to learn the best way they can is the way to go.

SolBe :: Reimagining Traditional Notions of Childcare and Preschool

SolBe Learning [sohl-be] is an early learning center that reimagines traditional notions of child care and preschool.

Searching For Great Child Care? Ask These 9 Key Questions

Choosing the perfect child care center is a big deal, and it can be stressful. You want a place where your child will be happy, loved, nurtured, and safe.

Choosing a Daycare 101

I remember when I was pregnant and the topic of choosing a daycare first came up. I thought this would be something I would...

Help! My Child Care Costs More than College!

Since when did child care become more expensive than college? We live in Brookline and pay $26,000 a year for daycare for our 2-year-old daughter. Let...