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Summer Camp (at Home) with Code Wiz

Summertime brings many wonderful things. Beautiful weather, free time, and my kids' favorite — summer camp. Each year, they look forward to a week...

2020 Guide to Boston-Area Camps

As busy moms ourselves, we know that finding summer camps in and around Boston is on the top of many moms’ lists of things...

Codeverse Boston Is Opening!

It is never too early to start thinking about summer. It may still be chilly outside, but those warm-weather, school-vacation months are just around...

How I Really Feel About My Kids Going Off to Sleepaway...

I have a huge dilemma. It’s one I’ve never quite dealt with before in the 13 years I’ve been a mom. All three of my kids are going off to sleepaway camp.

Why You Should Consider a Girls’ Sleep-Away Camp

Though my children are still pretty young, I feel quite strongly about one day sending them to an overnight summer camp, even if it's...