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Learning to Love Bedtime with Toddlers

I LOVE putting my kids to bed at night! OK, what parent of small children actually loves bedtime? In truth, what I love is the...

The Middle Pillow :: How I Came to Terms with Co-Sleeping

Almost every night I am awakened by one (or both!) of my children coming into my bed. I used to dream of a full...

Ceci’s Favorite Bedtime Books :: The Toddler Years

While bedtime is a contentious time in our household, one routine that has remained steadfast is our bedtime reading. As an English teacher, I...

The Evolution of Bedtime Rituals (and Why It Matters)

I could hear my brother guffawing from the other room. I giggled from my own room in anticipation, because I was next. The loving,...

Bedtime Is Terrible

My son fights sleep like his life depends on staying awake. He hates bedtime. And truth be told, I’m not a fan either.

How to Encourage Positive Self-Talk for Kids

My journey of discovering the power of positive self-talk started about a year ago. I heard a very charismatic woman speak about how she...