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Boston Moms Guide to School at Home

Whether your children are attending school in person, online, at home, or a combination of all three, Boston Moms has got you covered! This resource...

2020 Back-to-School Essentials :: Mom Tested and Approved!

Back-to-school shopping definitely looks different this year. If you'll be embarking on the adventure of homeschooling, virtual learning, or hybrid learning, you're going to...

Supporting Our Kids as They Return to School

Boston Moms is thrilled to share this guest post written by Rita Morris, a local parent coach, certified life coach, and licensed mental health counselor. Who...

It’s Fine! We’re Fine! Everything’s Fine!

Me? Oh, ya know — same old, same old. I’m working a little more than I’d like — probably around a hundred or so hours a week. I mean, they want me to work more but I’m like, “No.” I draw the line at 110 hours. Like, that’s it. I’m on this project where I have to push this giant rock up a hill, and every time I get close to the top it rolls back down. Like, by design. I don’t know who scoped this thing. It’s fine, but whenever I ask the project manager what the end date is she bellows, “This is your eternity,” in this really low, spooky voice, which is totally not helpful.

My Back-to-School Playlist

Hold on to that feelin’, friends. What feeling? The feeling of warm summer nights, vacations, and the low-key pace of summer. It will be summer again before we know it. Only nine more months to go.

Good Riddance to Summer!

As a mother of three little ones who also works outside the home, I keep a lot of schedules in my brain. In summer, it feels like everyone is doing something new every week, and it's a challenge to keep track of it all. I have definitely had moments of panic when I forget where my oldest is and think that I've forgotten to pick her up on time. I'll be grateful to get back into the school routine and have it stay the same for the next nine months!

We Dread It Too — Back to School for the Teacher...

But when I walk into Target I am ambushed. I am hit smack in the face with the reminder that it doesn't last forever. The back-to-school posters, classroom decor, colorful pens, pencils, and folders. I do love colorful supplies but not in the middle of summer. These organization tools and writing utensils that usually excite me are now just a reminder that summer does end. And I don't want summer to end, just as much as my kids don't. 

The Most Important School Supply :: A Note to Teachers

I know that on the first day of school, you will use them to wipe away the tears of an anxious kindergartener who is leaving home for the first time.

Boston-Area Back-To-School Events 2019

Summer has flown by, and the kiddos will be heading back to school before we know it! Whether your celebration is in anticipation of a wonderful school year to come, or in anticipation of a quiet house as the school bus pulls away, here are some fantastic Boston-area back-to-school events to cap off summer 2019 in a fun way!

A Separation Anxiety Story

It’s the beginning of a new school year, and the issue of separation anxiety may be on your mind. This topic hits close to home for me.

Back-to-School Shopping Can Be Good for the Environment — Really!

I've rarely shopped thrift myself. With back-to-school shopping on my mind, I visited my local Savers to try my hand at Rethinking Reuse!

Mom Sneakers for Fall :: Our 3 Favorite Shoe Styles This...

Thank goodness we're in an era where sneakers are trendy, and there are a lot of great options! Check out these favorites for new mom sneakers this fall!

The Two of Three Rule :: Healthy Eating Tips for Back-to-School!

Giving the power of CHOICE to our children encourages healthy eating — and it encourages them to explore new foods!

Boston-Area Back-to-School Events 2018

August is halfway over, and the kids will be back in the classroom before we know it! Celebrate with these fun back-to-school events!

Should You Go Back to College After Having Kids?

It was a celebration-filled weekend when one of my closest friends, after a 15-year hiatus, graduated from law school. As college "first-years" this friend...