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“Mommy, Come Play With Me”

On some level, our children know things are different right now. Their level of understanding may vary, but kids are extremely intuitive. They may not be able to verbalize the confusion or unsettledness they feel in these extreme circumstances, but they do know how to say, “Mommy, come play with me.”

I Didn’t Expect to Have to Worry About My Parents Yet

My parents are 73 years old. My in-laws are 69 and 70. I am fortunate to have all four of these wonderful people in...

Children’s Mental Health Illness Is Hard — and That’s OK

Some children may be born with mental health issues, and we don't even know it. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 3. He’s about to turn 6 years old and I’ve learned so much in the last three years. It’s not just about hyperactivity. It’s also about behavior, emotions, and attention.

On Worrying, and Taking Timeless Parenting Advice from a Beloved Author

Spring has just about sprung — the season of light and life, blooming joy after a long, dark, brutal winter. And yet, I worry. Truthfully, it doesn't matter the season. I worry regardless. I've always been a worrier, and this only became amplified when I became a mother. It consumes me, at times. Some of this worrying is a natural part of motherhood.

Mothering My Mental Health and My Child — What Gives?

Depression. Anxiety. Postpartum depression. At one time or another, each of these diagnoses had a home in my medical records. I've been in some pretty...

“Mom Has Trouble With Food” :: Mothering With an Eating Disorder

It's never really gone. A few days ago, as I was hurrying to a meeting, a man stepped in front of me to ask...