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Kids Obstacle Challenge

Kids Obstacle Challenge is an adventure and obstacle course race for kids ages 4-14, with 15+ fun and challenging obstacles and mud. Our mission...

Winter Activities for the Non Skiier in North Conway, New Hampshire

Remember the good old days when you could go skiing up north followed by an afternoon of après-ski? Well, if your life is anything...

Seeking Adventure This New Year :: 3 Promises to My Children

As I think about parenting, I want adventure to be part of that as well. My favorite memories with my kids are the ones where we are throwing caution to the wind and doing something wild, out of the ordinary, or totally unplugged. In order to make adventure happen more often, these are the promises I'm making to my kids this year:

Take YOURSELF Out on a Date :: 20 Creative Date Ideas...

I deserve to take myself out on a date once in a while, and so do you! Here are 20 creative date ideas to maximize your fun or relaxation, depending on your goals.

The Adventure Playground :: Has Boston Missed the Boat?

Have you ever noticed that your kid's favorite thing at the playground isn't the primary-colored tunnels and slides, but instead a nearby tree stump...

Lake Attitash Adventure Series: Skating

Living on Lake Attitash and learning about each season and the lake activity that it brings has been a great adventure. This winter, it...