Celebrate Anyway


celebrate May anyway - Boston Moms

A typical May is a month full of celebrations. May 2020 is by no means a typical month, given our world’s current pandemic status.

But we will celebrate anyway.

Graduations, birthdays, weddings, proms, holidays, and end-of-school chapters will still go on despite a super virus and social distancing.

In my family alone this month we’ve celebrated my brother’s college graduation, my cousin’s wedding (yes, this photo is of my daughter wearing her flower girl dress during the live-streamed wedding), my grandfather-in-law’s 92nd birthday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and the end of my daughter’s first year of preschool. And we celebrate our teachers for the amazing educators they are, especially this year.

In a typical May, all of these events are planned and organized for us. We show up to the graduation and applaud our grad. We attend the beautifully planned wedding and wish our best to the happy couple. We share cake at the birthday parties, we bring flowers to the Mother’s Day lunch, we send a gift card with our student to school for their deserving teacher.

May 2020 does not accommodate those in-person gatherings. We have to think outside the box to celebrate this month’s milestones. It takes a little more effort this year. But we can do it, and we must do it.

It can be as simple as mailing a card. It can be as easy as emailing a gift card to the deserving recipient. It can be as wonderful as supporting a small business with your gift delivery.

Thoughtfulness does not have to be extravagant to get its point across. The point is, we have not forgotten all the celebrations May holds. Our celebrations look a lot different this year, but we will still show up for our people who have worked so hard and deserve the spotlight for their awesome accomplishments.

Congratulations to everyone with a special day this month. You are so worth celebrating.