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This post was sponsored by our friends at AoPS Academy Lexington! At Boston Moms, we love connecting local moms with local resources that can truly benefit them and their families. AoPS Academy Lexington is no exception!

Could a new challenge be exciting for our kids in these strange times? 

Since 1993, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) has prepared hundreds of thousands of motivated students for success in prestigious universities and STEM careers. And this fall, AoPS Academy Lexington is bringing advanced math and language arts courses to the Boston-area community.

With 19 course offerings across grades 2–12, AoPS Academy Lexington allows students to jump in at any point in their academic career to accelerate their growth as problem solvers.

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AoPS Academy courses are built around the following four tenets:

  • Focus on Challenging Problems: Students learn how to approach difficult, unfamiliar problems and work through productive struggle in order to find solutions. 
  • Active Learning: Students approach unfamiliar concepts directly. Instructors guide students through the problem-solving process with motivating questions and reinforce key insights after students have come up with their own solutions.
  • Outstanding Peer Group: Students join an outstanding peer group that will connect, collaborate, and challenge each other. Even if they can’t currently meet these new classmates in person, your child has an opportunity to build a new local network of equally curious, motivated students that they can support and inspire throughout their academic career and beyond the Academy.
  • Effective Communication: Students build and practice effective communication skills to clearly convey their ideas in any subject. 

AoPS Academy Lexington’s engaging, interactive math and language arts courses push students to grapple with hard questions on a whole new level. Students are prepared to face challenges in academic and professional environments with the resilience and tools they develop through these courses. AoPS Academy instructors draw from their own love of learning and their experiences at top-tier universities as they guide students through their academic development.

AoPS Academy Lexington will start online courses this September, with plans to return to in-campus learning during the year once local conditions improve. In the interim, AoPS Academy will use videoconferencing to facilitate face-to-face class time. All courses have been adapted to match this new format to maintain a seamless, high-quality, active learning experience.

Join the Community

AoPS Academy Lexington offers math and language arts courses for advanced students in grades 2–12. Courses run with weekly classes from September to June. Interested families should arrange a consultation with the AoPS Academy Lexington directors to be approved for courses that will match their student’s academic level.

Visit the AoPS Academy Lexington website to learn more, or send questions via email to [email protected].