We Broke the Rules


we broke the rules - Boston Moms

Tonight, we broke the rules.

It had to be done to save my sanity. And the world didn’t end.

The rule is no TV on school days. It’s not up for debate. But tonight, it all felt like too much. After homework was done and dinner was cleaned up, the TV went on. So a half-hour of a movie bought me a little bit of time to breathe and get centered again.

The rule is fruits or veggies for snacks. But they were arguing with me, and the cold I’m fighting just won’t quit. So I said yes to other snacks. There was cheese. Or chips. I don’t even know. But they were happy, and it gave me a little bit of time to clear my head. And it was all OK.

The rule is we shower or bathe. And tonight, the thought of doing it alone for the three little kids while my husband was out of town and the two dogs begged for attention and the house was a mess seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. So the older one showered himself and the younger two did not get a shower. I minded; they didn’t so much.

The rule is we all help clean up before heading to bed. But the chaos of three children with big personalities was too much, and the clean-up didn’t happen. So I did it after they went to bed. And breaking this rule was somehow easier.

The rule is we snuggle every night before bed. And that is one rule that will not be broken, no matter how hard it all seems.