To the Stay-at-Home Mom Working a Side Hustle


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To the stay-at-home mom working a side hustle… I see you. 

I see everything you are juggling that you think the world is blind to. 

I see your alarm set for 5 a.m. each day. 

I see the work you do while the house is still dark and your family sleeps. 

I see you switch over from work mode to mom mode in an instant when your bright-eyed babies bounce out of bed for the day. 

I see you hiding your tired, dark-circled eyes under your sunglasses at the park while your kids play. 

I see you choose that second (or third) cup of coffee in the afternoon instead of the nap you crave.

I see you making sure your kids get to all their playdates, birthday parties, doctors appointments, and sports practices. 

I see you hustling to maintain the laundry, a clean house, well-balanced meals, grocery shopping, budgeting, and chauffeuring. 

I see you pouring out encouragement to your girlfriends when your own tank is running on empty. 

I see you cheering your husband on in his career. 

I see you putting your babies to bed, knowing the day is not over for you. 

I see you preparing for your next trunk show, leaving to go wait tables, heading into your retail shift, teaching those classes, running that small business, selling the things…

I see you, because I am you. So many of us are you. With outrageous childcare costs, the title “stay-at-home mom” is no longer just a luxury, but often a necessity. This work is exhausting. It is overwhelming. At times you may feel guilty or defeated. But, this work is also good. It is worth it. And, it will pass.

Keep hustling, mama. You are seen.


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Shannon Gibson
Shannon is a native Texan who first visited Boston in 2012 with her now-husband, Ben. Shannon and Ben immediately fell in love with New England, and it was during that trip that they knew they eventually wanted to raise their family in the Northeast. Fast forward to 2018, and Ben accepted a job as a Photographer/Director at a Boston ad agency. They said goodbye to Texas and moved to Woburn with their pup and daughter (2016). Oh, and Shannon was 6 months pregnant with their son (2018). Shannon holds her License and Masters degree in Social Work, and in the past has been a Case Manager to the homeless population, as well as a School Social Worker. She currently stays home with her two littles, and teaches online ESL courses through VIPKid. Most weekends, you will find The Gibson family traveling and exploring all that New England has to offer. Yes, Please: kindness, coffee, dessert, the beach, phone calls to her mom, antique stores, Target runs. No, thank you: passive-aggressiveness, sweet tea, clutter, sleep deprivation, shoes my toddler can’t put on herself, squeaky playground swings.