This. Is. Hard.


2020 is hard - Boston Moms

This is hard.

Coronavirus is hard. Remote school is hard. Teaching remote school is hard. Working from home is hard. Being unemployed is hard. Having no local family is hard. Having local family who you can’t hug is hard. Having people judge you for hugging your family is hard.

Missing summer is hard. Thinking of winter coming is hard. Seeing the days get shorter is hard. Worrying about your upcoming heating bill is hard. Thinking about climate change is hard. Mourning the loss of RBG is hard, and worrying about her replacement is hard. Dealing with another day of politics is hard.

Worrying about your children’s development is hard. Worrying about screen time is hard. Being your child’s teacher, nutritionist, and activities director is hard. Doing all this when you can barely get any time to yourself is hard. Doing this alone is hard. Doing this with a partner is hard. Doing this while pregnant is hard. Doing this while trying to get pregnant is hard. Doing this when you’re totally done having kids is hard.

For all of us, 2020 is hard.

I have no words of wisdom today. Except that there is a world struggling alongside you.

This is hard.

And it will get better.

Until then, let’s all try to find the goodness in each other. And the goodness in ourselves. Let’s all assume everyone is trying their best. And let’s give ourselves compassion when we simply are not up for giving our best — because it is our best in that moment.

This. Is. Hard.


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