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“The hardest part about making dinner for the family is not the actual cooking. It’s the planning and deciding WHAT to eat in the first place.” — Jenny Berk (me)

For me, meal planning and prep have been an evolving process. As my family has grown and expanded and their palates and proclivities have varied, I’ve had to get creative about what I prepare for them.

On the one hand, who has time for from-scratch mega-meals every night? My mom came to visit recently and told my kids about how her mom used to make freshly squeezed orange juice every morning for each of her six kids. She also labored all day to make a nice and nourishing meal and never took shortcuts. On the other hand, the efficiencies that are available to mothers (and dads!) these days (TV dinners, prepared foods, boxed foods, etc.) aren’t always the healthiest or most balanced options, either, leading to yet even more “mom guilt.” (Do we really need any more of that?)

So, I went on a meal-planning journey to find a happy medium. Below you’ll find lots of meal-planning options ranging in price and ease.

If you have struggled to figure out what to put on the table each night, I hope you’ll consider trying some of the following suggestions!

Recipes, meal plans, and ingredients services

The Fresh 20
Ultimate Meal Planning Bundle

Meal planning and prepping sites

Say Mmm
Plan to Eat
Menu Planner
The Six O’Clock Scramble
Cook Smarts

In-home meal kit delivery services

The Purple Carrot  (this is the one I use!)
Blue Apron
Hello Fresh
Green Chef

Fully cooked meals delivery services

Dream Dinners (Framingham, Plainville)
Foodery Boston
Cooking from the Heart

Private chef

Search using Thumbtack
Search using a personal chef agency!

What are your best hacks, tips, and strategies for getting healthy, yummy meals on the table each day?