I’m Sorry I’m Late… Again


sorry i'm late

Let me be honest. I’ve never been the most punctual person in the world. If I was scheduled to meet someone at 8, you could count on me being there at 8:15 or 8:20. Not the worst timing, right? But then I became A MOM. And now I have a good excuse for my tardiness — I have a kid. I’ve been granted carte blanche for being late.

When baby was first born, I was late for the usual reasons — feeding and changing the baby, changing myself, feeding again, changing again (one or both of us!), and feeding one more time. Now that she’s older, there are even more reasons why I’m late.

1. My husband and I were headed out one morning. We had timed everything well, and we were on track to be out of the house in 30 minutes and on time to arrive at our destination. And then, our baby yawned. She rubbed her eyes. There was no way I was going to keep her up for half an hour and have a good day. I put her in her crib, assuming she’d be up in 20 minutes or so. An hour and a half later, she woke up. Please note, my baby rarely naps that early.

2. I was getting ready to meet a friend. I was going to be on time. My baby had been pretty heavy on the poops. My husband was changing her, and I took over while he washed his hands. Somehow, on my watch, poop ended up in her hair. Impromptu bath time and a very confused toddler made me late.

3. My husband and I were going out to a swanky affair. The three of us were strutting our stuff — fancy dress, nice hair. On time. Baby then proceeded to grunt. We waited for her to finish her red-faced grunting. Her tush made me late. Again.

4. It was Sunday morning. Our baby did us a solid and slept in ’til 8 a.m., which NEVER happens. When she woke up, she wanted extra cuddles in our bed. We gladly took that hour of cuddles. The rest of the day was delayed. I am totally OK with that.

For my friends with kids, you get it. Thank you for understanding.

For those without, just you wait…