Advance in Math This Summer with Russian School of Mathematics!

The post was sponsored by our friends at Russian School of Mathematics. We encourage you to seek out their class + camp options for your eager learners!
The Russian School of Mathematics is an award-winning, afterschool math enrichment program. Students in grades K-12 can choose from a variety of online or in-person math courses including those that will reinforce their knowledge and prepare them for the upcoming school year or math competition courses that will provide them with additional challenge. Test prep courses including SAT I, ISEE, and more are also available.

Online classes, which are teacher-led, interactive, and closely mimic our in-person classes, are available at every location. Many of our Massachusetts branches also offer in-person classes that follow all COVID-19 guidelines. Course offerings include:

– Math for Grades 1-6: These courses hone students’ analytical skills and enhance their number sense by introducing them to abstract concepts.

– Preparation for High School Math: Our courses in Algebra and Geometry will build up prerequisite skills and front-load the key concepts of High School Math.
– Contest Level Math: Students are introduced to non-straightforward problems- opening them to the intrigue of math in the world. Students are also prepared for various national and international math competitions.Courses begin June 21st*
*Start Date may vary


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