3 Lessons Learned from My Recent Trip to the Nail Salon


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Let me preface this by saying that I rarely get my nails done. If I AM going to do this type of self-care, I’m more of a facial or massage type of person… where I can count on actual results. So this recent trip to the nail salon surprised me. Here are the three lessons that struck me during my manicure: 

I should do this more often!

A manicure can cost as little as $15 and take as little as 15 minutes. I got to get out of the house and connect with someone face to face, see other women bopping around taking care of themselves, and, most importantly, do something to take care of myself while also paying someone to take care of me, in a way. It did wonders to boost my self-love. Let’s love on ourselves more often, especially when it involves a nice pop of color that can bring joy! 

Sitting and letting your nails dry is a wonderful opportunity to practice mindfulness.

While I was having my nails done, one woman left after only sitting and letting her toes dry for a couple of minutes. When the nail person asked her to stay a bit longer, she said, “No, I can’t. It’s a waste of time!” A few years ago, or more, when I used to pride myself on running everywhere, literally (you should’ve seen me crossing campus in college!), I may have agreed. But not anymore, and I’m so thankful. I sat and watched the fish swim in the tank. I flipped through a magazine and got great pleasure, not to mention some wellness tips, from it. And finally, I dreamed up the idea for this article!

I gained a new understanding of the advice to “let go.”

At one point during the manicure, the manicurist said something like, “Drop the fingers down, please,” and I looked down to see that while she was holding one of my fingers, I was tensing the rest of my hands without even realizing it. Here I was at this relaxing salon, thinking about how I had been letting go and living in the moment, all the while keeping my fingers strained! Sometimes an impromptu body scan can help with this. But I also look at it metaphorically in terms of where I am holding on or trying to control something that I could let go of in order to then feel more lightness, playfulness, etc. Try it out for yourself, and see what you find! Awareness is a great first step.

We’ve just wrapped up the “month of love,” but I want us all to try to remember to do things for ourselves that make us feel loved all year long. Try doing one kind thing for yourself and for another every day, as small as it may seem. This can even be letting yourself block off some time to do creative work you love. It doesn’t have to cost money (but it can, too). We’d love to hear about what you come up with! If you want to feel loved, give love and be love. Sending you all so much love! XOXO


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Meredith Bazirgan
Meredith Bazirgan lives in the Metrowest area and knows all of her neighbors. She has a tremendous appreciation for community of all kinds and the most important thing in her life is her relationships with others. Having grown up on the North Shore, and traveled quite a lot through her twenties, she still tries to get back to visit those ocean breezes as often as possible. She is a mom of two kiddos, and has a husband and a dog. She loves playing outside and being active, be it running, walking, hiking, or just scooting around the neighborhood with the kiddos. She can also be found at the beach or exploring new towns and places. She is a part-time therapist/licensed social worker turned life coach who loves helping women squeeze more juice out of their lives and living out their purpose with joy and intention! Her work is done in person or online with women across the globe. She also enjoys coffee, a good glass of red wine, impromptu dance parties and any chance to watch a sunset or a full moon and a sky full of stars.