25 of the Best Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Spice Recipes


It’s officially pumpkin spice season. From coffee and desserts to even soup, you can put pumpkin in almost anything! I’ve rounded up 25 of the best pumpkin spice recipes that even the kids can enjoy. Happy fall! 

25 pumpkin recipes pin

1. The kiddos will love these pumpkin spice dirt cupcakes.

Pumpkin Spiced Dirt Cupcakes
Photo and recipe courtesy The Shirley Journey.

2. This pie dip will be a hit at those Halloween parties. 

Pumpkin Pie Dip
Photo and recipe courtesy MomsWhoSave.

3. If your kiddos like pudding, this is a great fall recipe.

Recipe and photo courtesy CincyShopper.

4. My son loves chocolate chip pancakes, so these pancake bites are a hit in our house.

Recipe and photo courtesy CincyShopper.

5. We started a holiday tradition where every holiday we create muddy buddies. My son loves it!

Pumpkin Muddie Buddies
Recipe and photo courtesy Thrifty Jinxy.

6. Ice cream is one of those desserts you can eat year round, so this one is a must.

Pumpkin Ice Cream
Recipe and photo courtesy Thrifty Jinxy.

7. If you have any leftover pie, this milkshake is essential when you have a sweet tooth.

pumpkin pie milkshake
Recipe and photo courtesy The Rising Spoon.

8. Snickerdoodles have always been my fave. I was so bummed when Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t bring them back. So these pumpkin flavored cookies are definitely a must.

Recipe and photo courtesy Honey + Lime.

9. So many people enjoy hummus, so this recipe is a go-to for fall events.

Pumpkin Hummus
Recipe and photo courtesy VNutrition.

10. I eat low-carb, but my son is a bread lover — especially when it comes to sweet bread. So this recipe is a must in my house.

Pumpkin bread
Recipe and photo courtesy Dancing through the Rain.

11. If cheesecake brownies are a favorite indulgence, these are a must-have!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies
Recipe and photo courtesy Living Sweet Moments.

12. Waffles can be heaven to a kid. Even if you’re going for a healthier lifestyle, these are great for the fall season. 

Healthy pumpkin waffles
Recipe and photo courtesy To Simply Inspire.

13. What kid doesn’t love French toast sticks?

Pumpkin french toast sticks
Recipe and photo courtesy Crayons & Cravings.

14. Calling all Instant Pot fans! This cheesecake should be your first fall recipe. 

Instapot Pumpkin Cheesecake
Recipe and photo courtesy Simply Happy Foodie.

15. Make-ahead meals are so important in a busy household, so this bread in a jar is perfect. 

Pumpkin yeast bread in a jar
Recipe and photo courtesy Happy Kitchen.Rocks.

16. Chocolate chip cookies are my son’s favorite cookies, so adding a little spice is something he wouldn’t expect.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Recipe and photo courtesy The Monday Box.

17. With Halloween around the corner, this trail mix is great for a snack. 

Pumpkin trail mix
Recipe and photo courtesy the Country Chic Cottage.

18. Donuts are almost every kid’s request, so these are a must for the spice season. 

Pumpkin Spiced Donuts
Recipe and photo courtesy All Things Mamma.

19. Curry is a family favorite — this curry recipe will make a delicious addition to your repertoire!

pumpkin spice curry
Recipe and photo courtesy the Soccer Mom Blog.

 20. If you’re a traditional chocolate chip cookie lover, try adding a little spice! 

Pumpkin cookies
Recipe and photo courtesy Baking Beauty.

21. The little ones will enjoy these freezer pops — especially when teething (or just as a snack)!

pumpkin pie freezer pops
Recipe and photo courtesy Trisha Dishes.

22. Cream cheese — the cheese of the season! This will be great at those Halloween and Thanksgiving Day parties. 

Pumpkin spice cream cheese
Recipe and photo courtesy Foodal.

23. October and November can still be spent outdoors. Having a s’mores night would be extra festive with these marshmallows.

Pumpkin pie marshmallows
Recipe and photo courtesy Mia Cupcake.

24. When you’re a busy mom on the go, parfaits can be your best friend. At the office or at home, the spice gives this a little kick!

pumpkin spice parfait
Recipe and photo courtesy Everyday Savvy.

25. I loved bread pudding when I was younger! Introduce your kids to this festive fall favorite with a pumpkin twist.  

Pumpkin bread pudding
Recipe and photo courtesy Recipes from a Pantry.