2020: The Summer of “Why Not?”


Well, 2020 has been quite the year so far. As we enter the summer season with empty tanks and anxious hearts, Boston Moms challenges you to shift your focus toward some FUN this summer. We’ve all seen a standard summer bucket list… but have you ever seen a “WHY NOT” list?

When your kids ask for ice cream for dinner, do it! When the slip and slide is out and the kids are belly flopping onto it, show them that mom can, too!

Because WHY NOT?

Here are some ideas for the summer of “why not?” {FREE printable list HERE}

  1. Have ice cream for dinner.
  2. Close all the curtains and blinds and have a movie marathon day. 
  3. Buy a bunch of snacks from YOUR childhood and share them (plus a story about your childhood!) with your kids. The more sugar, the better.
  4. Turn off your phone for a day. Turn it all the way off.
  5. Run through the sprinkler with your kids.
  6. Let your kids paint your face with face paint and/or do your makeup.
  7. Have a backwards day. Start the day with dinner, and end with breakfast!
  8. Sleep in a tent in the backyard.
  9. Have a watermelon-eating contest.
  10. Take a half-day road trip. Drive until you find something cool to see!
  11. Let your kids make dinner with whatever ingredients they can find in the fridge.
  12. Host your own version of “LEGO Masters” — which family member can build the most creative creation?
  13. Start a family game night tradition.
  14. Host your own “Great British Bake Off.”
  15. Rent a bounce house for no reason. Spend the day jumping with your kids!
  16. Play in the mud after it rains!
  17. Make a big batch of bubble solution and have a big bubble contest.
  18. Make a sidewalk chalk mural.
  19. Host a crazy hair day — silly hairdos, hair chalk, gel, you name it! 
  20. Have a fashion show. Normal clothes, Halloween costumes, mom’s shoes — anything goes! 
  21. Go on the slip and slide with your kids!
  22. Lay out after dark and look for constellations.
  23. Have a conga line around the house.
  24. Karaoke night! Sing your heart out!
  25. Have an outdoor movie night! Hang up a sheet on the side of the house and project a movie onto it.
  26. Roll down a hill with your kids!
  27. Play outside in the rain.
  28. Make self-portraits. Mom, too!
  29. Create a family scavenger hunt.
  30. Make a themed dinner. Try a cuisine you haven’t tried before!
  31. Binge watch a television show from your childhood with your family! 
  32. Do a cannonball. Go under the water — get your hair wet! 
  33. Have a photoshoot! Take wacky pictures, or let your kids be the photographers!
  34. Make a nature mandala — collect leaves, grass, rocks, flowers, and sticks from your yard, and make art with them!
  35. Play in a blanket fort with your kids.
  36. Have a living room sleepover with the whole family!
  37. Make a stuffed animal zoo. 
  38. Play tag with your kids. It’s your turn to be “it!”
  39. Make JELL-O jigglers! 
  40. Make punch and drink it out of fancy glasses!

Print the image below and hang it on your fridge for a summer full of “why not?” fun!

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Meghan Block
Meghan was born and raised on the South Shore and attended college in Boston. After college, she married her high school sweetheart and followed him to Charleston, SC and Groton, CT where he served as a submarine officer in the United States Navy. Military life was an adventure, and after 6 crazy years of service (and two babies later!), the pair decided to move *home* to the South Shore in 2016 and put down some roots. Meghan is a proud small business owner & work-at-home mom to William, Benjamin & Caroline, born in 2013, 2015 and 2019. She loves meeting new people, encouraging moms, celebrating motherhood, and supporting small businesses.


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