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Once your little one passes the more typically tracked baby milestones — smiling, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking — it’s easy to forget what’s coming. Maybe it’s because there’s such a range in age for the milestones that occur after age 2. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget all our children are learning to do. And then it happens!

Here are a few fun milestones for preschoolers — roughly ages 3 to 5. They’re definitely worth looking forward to and celebrating when they happen!

No more diapers

Or pull-ups. Or swim diapers. Or anything other than underwear! My kids are about 1.5 years apart, so it feels like we’ve been living with diapers for eternity. But once they’re gone, the feeling is awesome. (Both for your kid’s accomplishment and the family budget.)

No more daycare payments

One family I know considers this such a huge milestone they had an actual party when their last one finished daycare. Now it’s on to extended-day fees, school fundraisers, sports fees, scouts, and more. Perhaps it’s all a wash in the end, but not writing a daycare check bigger than my mortgage will certainly be nice.  

First “show”

Whether it’s preschool graduation, the dance recital, or a big game, the first time your kid races toward you from a stage or field and asks if you saw him/her up there is priceless.

First trophy

And when your kid gets a trophy for said accomplishment, their pride is endless. Even if everyone got one. 

Independent dressing

Sure, my kids may dress themselves in not-quite-matching outfits. But they dress themselves! As long as it’s not shorts in the snow, I try to go with it!

Solo shoe tying

This milestone took awhile — plus two pairs of shoes and a replacement set of longer laces to make learning easier. But once it happened, the accomplishment was magical!

Pumping on the swings

No more pushing required at the park! I love peeking at the backyard swing set from the house at my two master swing pumpers while I prep dinner. “Watch me, Mama!” Oh, that view of pride — from the front, instead of pushing from behind — is so much fun. 

Song mastery

Whether it’s a silly preschool song, a radio hit, or your favorite tune from way back when, it’s so much fun when you realize your kid knows the whole song and can sing it independently. Including hilarious mixed-up lyrics!

Learning their contact info

I moved around a lot as a military kid, but even as a preschooler my parents taught me to memorize my new address and phone number. I knew my own preschoolers had a bigger job ahead of them with two nine-digit phone numbers (mom and dad’s cell phones — no more home phone!) and an address to learn. But we took it one detail at a time, turned it into a song, and they did it!

Kindergarten prep

When the principal at my preschooler’s future elementary school flashed up a PowerPoint with “Class of 2032” at kindergarten parent night, the audience reaction was priceless — wows, laughter, gasps, amazement. Prepping your family and your future kindergartner for what’s ahead is a big deal. You can look forward to registration, screening, parent night, school tour, and summer kindergarten play dates. Because soon enough, they’ll be off on the big yellow bus into new adventures and — and new milestones to look forward to.

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