Stained “Glass” Stars


Are you looking for a quick and easy Fourth of July craft that can ALSO serve as a fun decoration? Look no further! Stained “glass” stars are your answer!

Follow these easy instructions to create your own stained “glass” stars just in time for the Fourth of July!


White cardstock, red tissue paper, blue tissue paper, contact paper, scissors, a pencil


    1. Fold your cardstock in half and sketch half of a star to use as a guide when cutting (see pictures below for examples). Cutting while the paper is folded will ensure you have a symmetrical star!
    2. Cut out the star shape. Be careful to center the star on the paper so you have a “hole” in the cardstock paper and the entire paper is not cut.
    3. Cut a piece of contact paper just large enough to cover the entire piece of cardstock.
    4. Lay the cardstock on top of the sticky side of the contact paper.
    5. Allow your child to decorate inside of the star with tissue paper shapes or scraps! The contact paper will ensure all the tissue paper scraps stick inside of the star.
    6. When your child is finished, place another piece of contact paper (sticky side down) on top of the star. This will “seal” your artwork and ensure nothing stays sticky!
    7. Tape your art to a window, and let the light shine through like stained glass!

Boston Moms would love to hear your ideas! How do you plan to celebrate the 4th of July with your family? Tell us in the comments!


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