Tips to Take Care of Yourself During a Global Pandemic


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Things are uncertain and scary right now. There’s no way to know when life will return to normal — when we’ll all look back on this time and say “remember when.” But there are certainly some silver linings to it all. We’re slowing down and really focusing on family time. We’re doing everything we can to make sure things are relatively calm as we set new routines for our kids. If you’re anything like me, you’re also using this time for yourself as best as you can. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what our kids need most, but we can’t forget to take care of ourselves right now. Because, as we all know, you can’t pour from an empty cup. So here are a few suggestions for how to take care of yourself amidst the craziness.


Gym shut down? That’s OK! Even if you aren’t inclined to get outside and run (alone), there are still plenty of ways to get your sweat on! There are tons of great options to work out at home for free or a low cost. Yoga options are plentiful. Even if you don’t have a Peloton, the Peloton app is inexpensive and full of content to keep you sweating. (Bonus: You can work out virtually with friends.) YouTube has countless videos from amateurs and experts. Even Instagram has workouts! I firmly believe that moving your body is necessary for stress relief — and we all need it now!


You need to find some peace. I’ve tried to meditate countless times but couldn’t seem to get there. This time, I know I need it. I’ll be using the Peloton app, but I’ve also tried others. Calm and Headspace offer free meditations, and even the FitBit has meditations! If you are only getting five minutes to yourself, find some peace!

Try a new hobby (or rekindle an old one)

While I’m not actively finding a new hobby during this time, I am working on getting better at the things I enjoy doing but don’t excel at. My Cricut is going to get a lot of use over the next few weeks, even if it’s just to make cards to send out to family (I’m certainly not a Pinterest mom). I love to bake, but my decorating skills could use a lot of work. A recent binging of The Great British Baking Show has me ready to try some new things — and get my kids involved. Now is the perfect time! Use the downtime to rediscover something you used to love (pull those knitting needles out of the closet) or find something new to enjoy!


Any other bookworms? My list of books I’m waiting to read is long, and I’m going to try to get through as much as I can! The Libby app through the public library is a great resource for ebooks and audiobooks and will feed your book-loving soul. Get all hygge and curl up with a good book.

Practice self-care

I know, self-care is a hot topic. And we aren’t even sure what the term means at this point. I’m going to use this time to figure out a curly hair routine that works for me, tweeze my eyebrows to perfection, and take the time to do those face masks that are sitting on my bathroom vanity. The laundry can wait (it’s not going anywhere, and neither am I).

Don’t forget about yourself right now. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, and you’ve got to take care of YOU! What are you going to do for yourself?