For a date night, dinner out at a restaurant is nice. Bars are good, too. But for sheer atmosphere and potential to rekindle the passion in a relationship that feels completely run ragged by children, the lounge reigns supreme. Why?...
Moms who don’t think twice when I ask to use them as an emergency contact (and then dutifully show up to pick up my sick kid when the school nurse calls).
After three years of infertility treatments that included IVF and surgery to help them conceive, the final answer was unbearable. No. No, they would not have a child together.
"Because, friends, our daughters are watching, and we get the privilege of being their first model of what it looks like to be strong, beautiful, capable women. Women who like themselves, speak kindly to themselves and others, and don't stagnate but actively pursue growth."
I’m well aware of the statistics on you, second marriage. We are even more likely to fail than a first marriage because, to summarize the hundreds of internet articles on the subject, we have even more complexities than does a first marriage, with even less of the 'glue' that can hold together a shaky union.
As soon as your kids are preschool age, consider calling to order a Family Meeting. It’s a way to give everyone in the family a voice (and to take those little voices seriously), to practice democracy, and to show that we’re part of a team with common goals. And, it’s — yet again — a way to slow down and touch base with one another.
I felt lost and alone, despite the fact that I was surrounded by family and friends. So I did what I had always done: I joined things. I longed to make mom friends and connect with them in a way that was not possible with my husband, my friends who are not mothers, or even my friends who are mothers, but of older children. I needed moms in the same 'boat' I was sinking in — that sleep-deprived, drowning-in-love, disoriented-and-dehydrated, struggling-with-breastfeeding, hating-my-post-pregnancy-body boat.
Our love isn’t a palm-fringed beach, Or to the moon and back, It’s not a fine dining restaurant, Or a romantic film, all white and black. Our love is at the kitchen island.
I don't know how I would have reacted a year ago if a fortune teller had tried to warn me that divorce was in my future. I probably would have called her a nasty name and told her to stop lying. Well, in my head I would have. In real life, I probably would have just burst into tears. But she would have been right, and I would have still ended up here.  
The first time I heard myself using one of my mom's phrases, I cringed a little. But I realize now, why wouldn't I want to be like my mother? I had a great childhood. And my mom is a person I really like today as an adult. I can only hope I'm as good a mother to my children as she was and is. So the next time I put on a sweater and tell my kids to do the same, I'll smile. Because I'm just like my mom.
I like the idea that my family can choose something that’s important to us and make it part of our fabric, our story. When you’ve heard a family motto said over and over, those are the words that pop into your head when faced with an obstacle or in the midst of a dark day. Those are the words that guide you on your path — or help you get back on it. When your family can’t be right there with you, their words are.
Now, in case you haven't heard, Fortnite is the latest video game craze. It is a first-person, battle-royale-style game that puts 100 people in real time on an island. The last one standing wins. Think of it as The Hunger Games without all the drama or blood. My son is really into it. And, to be honest, I am too. But my wife hates Fortnite. As do ALL the moms she talks to.
The decision to stay or leave isn’t easy. For years, I was afraid of the effects a divorce would have on her. But in reality, things got better.
I started thinking… who did raise me? I thank my parents for their love, for their dedication, and for raising me in a way I am proud of.
Our family had gone bonkers, as far as I was concerned. The newest was born, and with him came new and frequent family conflict. Outside of the house, we were fine. Under the backdrop of sunny park days and...

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