I agonized over this decision. I didn't want surgery if I didn't need it. And I appreciated the lack of pressure from my doctor. Medically, she said the result of labor would probably be the same as my first and end in C-section. But it might not, so it was up to me.
So, how can we help our fellow new mama friends? Before I became a mother, I would excitedly show up at a new mom’s home with the cute baby layette and matching stuffed animal and want to snuggle and spend time with the new baby, give my friend a congratulatory hug, and go on my merry way — and all with the best intentions. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a new mom I greatly cherished all the thoughtful visits and gifts I received. But I have found that acts of service can be incredibly helpful during the postpartum healing process — and SO deeply appreciated. My recommendation is: Ditch traditional, keep it practical.
"Looking at my son today, you'd never think he'd been a preemie. When he gets hangry and downs a bottle like he's been in the Sahara desert dying of thirst for three days, it's hard to believe he was on a feeding tube for the first few weeks of his life. As he achieves all the standard milestones like a pro and is on an average growth track, I know we are lucky that he is healthy — and I am thankful for that."
Pregnancy is a special time. A woman's body is going through so many changes in order to support and nurture new life. And, let's be honest, a lot of those changes suck, particularly in the third trimester. If you're currently in the third trimester, I hope you can identify with (and laugh about) some of these "special" changes. If you're in the earlier stages of pregnancy, here are some things you can look forward to. (And if your pregnancies are behind you, you can nod knowingly and be glad these things are in your past.) 
From birth to breastfeeding and back to the start, your breasts go through several transformations worth getting real about. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about breasts after baby before you have a little one of your own.
Thank goodness for the internet, which has a ton of information about gender selection! (Note that this is just for fun, and not based on credible science.) The general theory of natural gender selection is that male sperm are faster than female sperm but also more fragile. So you've got to give them their best chance at getting to the egg. There are a few ways to do this:
As a third-time mom, I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve to offer. Whether you want to give a gift to a mom who is on her second or third newborn, or if you are like me and like to go rogue off the registry, try one of these outside-the-box gift ideas for a new mom!
The most challenging part for vertically challenged me has been finding maternity clothes. If you're short, you're truly swimming in anything you try on.
Three days after finding out I was pregnant with my son, I found myself in a quandary. I had arranged a Back Bay bar crawl for my husband’s birthday. How would I handle this shindig when I wasn't ready...
Motivated by weekly episodes of "The Cosby Show," I planned — as a child — to become a doctor by the age of 30 and to promptly follow graduation with birthing six children. I came from a big family,...
I sit here typing this, 38 weeks pregnant with my third child, munching on two servings of Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos and doing some needed post-baby research. There are so many articles suggesting how to prepare for the arrival...
At two years postpartum, I still don’t feel quite like myself. I carry extra baby weight, but it isn’t physical. It’s the weight of motherhood.
To help you, and to save pregnant feelings everywhere, I've come up with five things you should be ABSOLUTELY SAFE in saying to a pregnant woman.
"Mommy, push me high-yaaaa," my 2.5-year-old yells from his perch on the swing set glider, laughing in delight as I pull the ride-on toy back to launch him into the air, my burgeoning belly getting kicked along the way. My...
It is the eve of my 40th birthday. I've never felt better. I feel comfortable in my skin. I'm happy. With age truly does come a certain knowledge of the world and my place in it. Also, I'm pregnant.  This...

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