You may be wondering just how much "Peppa Pig" you can take, or maybe you're wondering how you can expand your children's screen repertoire. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to up your children's screen time game during this COVID-19-induced break from school. Here are a few we recommend.
Schools are closed. Activities are canceled. We're supposed to practice "social distancing." And our kids seem to have more energy than ever before! How are parents expected to maintain their mental health as we take measures to protect our physical health? There's certainly no perfect way to handle school closures, but here are eight tips that might help:
For now, we take each day as it comes. We learn together, and we overcome together. And yes, four years later, we still rock in our chair together.
Fun for parents, fun for kids, Nailed It DIY South Shore has it ALL! We've all been there... you get the itch to do something crafty but aren't sure where to start. Or, you find an adorable piece of home...
To the stay-at-home mom working a side hustle… I see you.  I see everything you are juggling that you think the world is blind to.  I see your alarm set for 5 a.m. each day.  I see the work you do while...
If you look at most mom blogs or social media feeds, you are bound to find posts praising the "mom tribe." The "mom tribe" is portrayed as essential to surviving motherhood with your sanity (somewhat) intact. I am not...
When I found out I was pregnant, my biggest fear and most Googled subject was about food. I prayed and pep talked my son in utero about not being a picky eater. I kept a pretty balanced diet while pregnant, too, with my most specific cravings being apples, broccoli, and Honey Nut Cheerios (shout out to my husband for always coming home with what I wanted). 
A manicure can cost as little as $15 and take as little as 15 minutes. I got to get out of the house and connect with someone face to face, see other women bopping around taking care of themselves, and, most importantly, do something to take care of myself while also paying someone to take care of me, in a way. It did wonders to boost my self-love. Let’s love on ourselves more often, especially when it involves a nice pop of color that can bring joy! 
I hope you are always able to lift other women up with you instead of tearing them down, and I hope you remember that the view from the top is exceptionally lonely if you don’t have anyone to share it with. “Look what we did — together” is always better than “Look what I did — alone.”
I texted my husband today, feeling kind of ridiculous: "I've gotta do it... I'm running to Costco for toilet paper and boxed macaroni. You know — coronavirus." He laughed at me, but I consoled myself with the fact that at least...
Sure, I lost friends. People faded away who thought they didn’t have anything in common with me anymore. That makes no sense, because what I love and who I am didn’t completely change. I still love sports and tell long-winded stories. I still drink too much coffee and laugh awkwardly. I am still me, just with kids added. The loss of those people from my life didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, because what I lost in quantity of friends, I gained in quality of friendships.
We are out there among you. We are just like you, trying the best we can to be the best we can for our kids. The only difference is that we have lots (four or more) of kids so...
These morning walks have changed my life. I promise I am not dramatizing it. Getting to see the beginning of a new day full of possibilities is nothing short of a blessing. And with the days getting longer comes earlier sunrises, which is my favorite part of my walks.
I can’t stop using this four-letter word: S-T-O-P! Stop fighting with your brother. Stop jumping in the crib. Stop throwing water everywhere. Stop playing with your food. Stop this. Stop that! Some days I feel like I have no other words for my boys, except stop....
I get it. Motherhood is exhausting. And motherhood in addition to other commitments (you know, like a marriage, a job, friends) feels nearly impossible. Who has the extra time to read? I know I don't. With two little ones...

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In the midst of everything, I'm secretly a little happy about having a few weeks with my kiddo unexpectedly. I'm excited for board games, movie nights, endless games of hopscotch, and bubbles in the backyard. However, I'm also going to need to keep my kiddo's mind occupied at least long enough for me to shower and maintain some of my sanity. The reality is that I'm an introvert and she's an extrovert, and when she's uttered 300,000 words before lunch my brain feels a little fried.