If the holiday season doesn't go the way you envision, there's always next year. Let’s not forget that the season is about the joy and the meaning of our holidays, not the junk, or the events, or all the things. You do the holidays your way, I’ll do them mine, and everyone else can go about it their way. Let’s go into this holiday season happy and excited with sound mind and presence so we can enjoy our children, our faiths, and our families — and a little of all the extras.
Halloween has come and gone, and that means we're moving right into what many consider to be the happiest (and often busiest) time of year — the holidays. Thanksgiving is just a week away, and soon the kids will...
Being grateful is a simple attitude with a profound effect. It reminds me of the good in my life when days are full of chaos and tantrums. Being grateful begins with me, ends with me, and allows others to get the best version of me — the thankful one.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Thy leaves are so unchanging. As this well-known Christmas carol goes on to say (in summary), the tree’s leaves are equally as green in the summer as...
Halloween is a fun holiday, and luckily, when kids are small they won’t insist on a very specific and overpriced character. So go nuts with your imagination, not your wallet. Remember, you won’t have many years where you have this much control and can get away with swiping their candy!
It's that time again! The smell of candy corn is in the air, and Halloween is near. Check out this roundup of Boston-area Halloween events to keep you busy this month!
The Fourth of July is a great time for family fun! There are family-friendly festivities going on across the state in celebration of our nation's independence. Boston Moms Blog wishes you a safe, happy, and fun-filled Fourth!
Oh, and the one traditional gift that never gets old for Mom? Breakfast in bed. Better yet, you can delay the breakfast part, and just let her stay in bed, asleep, under the covers, for as long as she wants. If you really want to be an overachiever, you could try sleeping through the night (so she can too). That will win you bragging rights and possibly even favorite child status for a week or two. Throw a couple eggs and some toast that you haven't licked on top and you're set for a month.
The Boston area is hopping with family-friendly Easter activities! Whether you are on the hunt for some colorful eggs, seeking out some crafty activities, or looking for a place to have brunch with the bunny himself, we've got you covered!
Last year we had quite the party. We did all the stuff we usually do and brought along a box of our favorite cereal — Lucky Charms! That box is so big and we're so tiny, it's no wonder it spilled all over your kitchen table. I bet you enjoyed eating it all, especially since it's a special St. Patrick's Day treat your mom won't buy the rest of the year. Oh, and last year I think we might have even dyed your toilet water green!
I’m not going to lie; this holiday season wasn’t all that magical. It wasn’t the Hallmark movie script I had in my head. I had big plans to make Christmas cookies, drive around to see the lights, have the presents beautifully wrapped with time to spare, build a gingerbread house, decorate the tree while singing Christmas carols, and attend all the holiday parties. Here’s where my plan got foiled: I have kids.
Keeping one New Year's resolution for an entire year is not a strong point of mine. This year, I have decided to make a bucket list instead. Small goals that are attainable. Things I can cross off when they are accomplished. Ideas that will not leave me feeling like a failure come Dec. 31. Activities to do with my kids. Adventures to share with loved ones. Books to read. Recipes to make. A list. A simple list. Not an idea that will pass with each day. 
At this time of year we're bombarded with bright lights, holiday cheer, images of perfect families with their perfect children, and an expectation that we are going to make everything just right to create the perfect memories to last a lifetime. Does this make anyone else feel a little twitchy?
I'm so excited for this time of year — I love that the holiday season means extra time with family and friends. So I decided to round up 12 of the best holiday-themed, family-friendly mocktails. These recipes are festive and fun, and perfect for both the littles and the grown-ups.
So we go on each year, looking forward to our traditions that create holiday magic — until that inevitable year when the holiday suddenly looks different. 

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