New England weather, you are too much. A few weeks ago when it was pushing 70 degrees and I was walking home from a day at the playground, I saw crocuses! Those little purple flowers sent me daydreaming of...
Break out the broom — it’s spring cleaning time! I love opening up my windows (once this snow is gone!), making my house spic and span, organizing rooms, and cleaning out closets. I always end up with tons of...
Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring last month, and despite the inches of snow and polar vortex that followed a few days after his forecast, I'm siding with Phil and am very hopeful that spring weather is indeed just around...

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In the midst of everything, I'm secretly a little happy about having a few weeks with my kiddo unexpectedly. I'm excited for board games, movie nights, endless games of hopscotch, and bubbles in the backyard. However, I'm also going to need to keep my kiddo's mind occupied at least long enough for me to shower and maintain some of my sanity. The reality is that I'm an introvert and she's an extrovert, and when she's uttered 300,000 words before lunch my brain feels a little fried.