It is finally that wonderful time of year! The weather is perfect, the days are long, and it is time to slow down and enjoy the endless possibilities of a Boston summer. Whether your speed is catching a Sox game, going on a staycation adventure, or lounging by the pool, we have some great ideas to keep your family entertained this summer!
Boston summer nights are the perfect backdrop for free outdoor movies with the family! With locations all over the city, you've got dozens of options throughout the summer to view a favorite flick under the stars. Pack up your blankets, your favorite movie snacks, and your little ones, and get ready for a night of family fun!
Every day, my kindergartner reminds me how many days he has left in kindergarten — and how many days until he is officially a first grader. And I nostalgically reminisce about how lightning fast this school year has flown. 
These two small-ish projects actually took me several days to finish. And by finish, I mean get everything back in their places so I could once again walk into my boys' room or actually use the linen closet without things falling on me. I love the idea of being organized and tidy, I really do. I just don't think I have what it takes to Marie Kondo my entire house. (Well, my 1,300-square-foot condo.)
As a mom of a special needs kid, I know how stressful, difficult, and frustrating it can be to plan a family trip. Here are some awesome places to go with the family that accommodates all types of special...
I've distanced myself from my arts-inspired, pre-motherhood life, and I've readjusted my mindset about how my son can enjoy art. I would love for my son to appreciate the finer qualities of a Rembrandt drawing, but I will accept his appreciation for drawing with crayons. I'd rather my son pound his fists on his plastic keyboard than our friend's grand piano. He is still learning to be creative by exploring the possibilities of three-dimensional space with Play-Doh; he doesn't have to contemplate a Rodin sculpture.
Now, we hike often as a family. Family hikes are a fabulous way to communicate with our kids about important things in an emotionally safe way. But most importantly, hiking has been a way for us to bond and have fun and be physically active together in the midst of the daily distractions and chaos and carpools.
We're at an all-time low in the mainstream coffee world. Unicorn frappuccino, anyone? What is the world coming to? And who had the misfortune of having to write that press release? When we moved into our first house, we had no furniture...
The Boston area is hopping with family-friendly Easter activities! Whether you are on the hunt for some colorful eggs, seeking out some crafty activities, or looking for a place to have brunch with the bunny himself, we've got you covered!
Pregnancy and postpartum can be filled with so much excitement and joy, but it can also be overwhelming when trying to make the best decisions for your growing family. Boston Moms Blog has teamed up with local businesses and practitioners who specialize in all things related to the journey into motherhood. We hope this will help you connect with the resources you need to take the stress out of adding to your family.
There’s always hope that this milder weather will stick and that days spent outside for hours are just around the corner. That March, which came in like a bit of a lion with its foot of snow, will go out like a peaceful, gentle dove, segueing into a perfect summer.
Whether you are looking for a delicious birthday party element or simply to satisfy your sweet tooth, cupcakes are always the answer! Finding an amazing cupcake in the Boston area is not difficult — if you know where to look. Here are a few of the decadent options Boston has to offer.
At this point in the Boston winter, it feels like the season will never, ever end. Tons of area museums, libraries, and organizations break out their best activities for February break, but what are you supposed to do in the wintertime that remains after break? It’s still cold, it’s still doing who knows what precipitation-wise, and you might get even more bored than you were before. Don’t fret — here are four ideas of things to do in the Boston area that will break up the late winter boredom beyond February break.
Life with children gets tricky in the winter. If your kids are anything like mine, they need to get lots of energy out on a daily basis. We don’t do well sitting at home all day. When it’s below freezing, and you can’t send your kids outside to play in the yard all day, how do you survive the long winter months? I have some great indoor activities to share with you!
The first soft, fluffy flakes of winter have fallen on our city, much to the delight of my 2.5-year-old. I think he remembers last year’s crazy winter with a sense of wonder — and he's ready for a second round! Me,...

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Elsa visits Jam Time in Maynard February 21 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am :: Jam Time, Maynard :: $13 Come meet everyone’s favorite snow queen – ELSA...