If what you’re doing feels overwhelming, pick one part of it that you CAN do. Prioritize and decide what the most important, necessary pieces are — instead of what would be the ideal. (Cue the song from Daniel Tiger: “When something is hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.”)
It is well known that New Year's resolutions seldom work out (80% of people do not keep them). So how about we consider something different for this year's transition from 2019 into 2020?
My daughter learned how to stretch her body and wait patiently for her turn. Her teachers encouraged her to look in the mirror and be proud of who she saw looking back at her. She sang songs while she danced, practiced walking on her tiptoes like a princess, was encouraged to use good manners, and, above all, learned to be kind to her classmates.
We all have some version of a 10K in our lives. We all have a challenge ahead of us that we can use to break through the maternal wall. And we can shatter all the ideas out there that limit us as women who happen to also be moms. I hope my story will inspire you to find out what your 10K is and decide that you will get through it and come out stronger than when you started. I know you can.
Before my babies were born, I was a slow but enthusiastic distance runner. It was easy to schedule an hour or more to head out alone for a long run. Bumpy sidewalks? Roots on a trail run? No problem — I just hopped right over. Now, time by myself is more difficult to come by. And with a stroller to push, evenly paved surfaces make everyone a lot happier. Here are four places I have found joy running with my little ones. 
It can be challenging as a mom to find the time to hit that 10,000-step goal. I know I need anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes of walking or running in addition to my normal daily activity in order to hit it. But there are days when I'm ALMOST to 10,000, and I just need a few more steps to push me over the edge. So I've come up with a few tricks to get me to my goal. Here are the step counts of some of my typical 'mom' activities. I hope you can reap the benefits!
Finding Boston-area classes that accommodate different age groups — or a facility that offers classes to different age groups at the same time — is no easy feat. Especially if your kids, like mine, are more than one or two years apart. But there are a few such gems out there, and with a bit of effort and ingenuity (and some diagramming of complex flowcharts), you, too, can sync up classes for your kids.
I definitely need some 'me' time during the day — and working out while my son goes to the gym childcare has been my saving grace! Here is why joining a gym with childcare has been one of the best decisions I've made as a parent.
Thank goodness we're in an era where sneakers are trendy, and there are a lot of great options! Check out these favorites for new mom sneakers this fall!
Boston — and Massachusetts in general — is often voted as one of the fittest and most health-conscious cities in the US. With so many gyms, boot camps, and outdoor opportunities to hike, bike, swim, and boat, Boston certainly...
The post is written with warm thoughts and respect to those we lost and those whose lives were changed forever on April 15, 2013. More than a marathon I am a runner, passionate about my sport, and my kids know that....
For as long as I can remember, I have been "the fat one." The fat friend, the fat sister, the fat daughter, the fat ____ (insert role/title here). Three or four times in my life, I have managed to lose an...
Prior to having children, if you couldn’t find me, I was probably running. I wasn’t winning races, but frequently taking home age-group awards fed the part of me that loves a gold star. My circle of friends kept me...
It was the most intimidating audience I’d ever faced in my life. Their eyes glared at me, daring me to challenge their strongly held beliefs in mere seconds, or else they would band together and revolt for the next...
Anyone who has sat in Boston traffic for any length of time has probably pondered alternate transport. But transporting the entire family on bike? Is it even possible? Of course! Why not cycle?! Drop-off could be stress free as you take...

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