There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair as you glide along on your bike! If you are looking for the perfect, safe spot for a ride, check out some of these great Massachusetts bike trails with your family!
Before becoming a parent, I thought I understood cabin fever. And, sure, after a few days inside I might get antsy, but I still relished slow days curled up with coffee and binge watching Netflix. As a parent, cabin...
Look for a place where teachers are trained to listen to a child’s needs (at different ages and stages) and respond with appropriate suggestions and questions that guide children toward choices that will leave them feeling confident. Are teachers focused on what the children are doing? Are they engaging with children by asking questions and talking respectfully to them? How do they handle tears or children working to share a toy?
After the ordeal of getting through security, I am full of dread. I quickly realize that the extra outfits I had put aside for the carry-on bags are still sitting in the living room. I have no change of clothes for my baby, and we're only minutes into our vacation. 
For a date night, dinner out at a restaurant is nice. Bars are good, too. But for sheer atmosphere and potential to rekindle the passion in a relationship that feels completely run ragged by children, the lounge reigns supreme. Why?...
Our family loves eeking every last moment of the summer. And having a few more adventures and experiences to look forward to seems to help the transition for our little one back into the rhythms of school. Many kids can experience the September slump and become more anxious or struggle with behavior as they come to terms with the idea that summer is really over. And, to be honest, as a family of teachers, we sometimes feel the same way!
I'm accustomed to summer getaways to the beach, so I wasn't sure how to enjoy a landlocked state. At my father's suggestion, we visited as many farm animals as possible. We visited neighbors' farms. We visited farm museums. (Actually, we skipped the museum and just ran after my son who was running toward the live farm animals.) On our car rides to and from the various farms, we remarked at every cow, horse, and sheep in the landscape. It was so fun to hear my son apply his animal sounds in context.
Summer has flown by, and the kiddos will be heading back to school before we know it! Whether your celebration is in anticipation of a wonderful school year to come, or in anticipation of a quiet house as the school bus pulls away, here are some fantastic Boston-area back-to-school events to cap off summer 2019 in a fun way!
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What are you drinking this summer? Other than half my weight in water, my choice is margaritas. Not sweet, not spicy, no salt. Just a plain margarita. If you've been looking for the perfect summer drink, try my margarita recipe!
Summer isn't complete without a trip to the farm to pick your own blueberries! It's time to pack up the family and head out on your very own blueberry picking adventure! Boston Moms Blog has compiled a list of local pick-your-own blueberry farms. Whether you bake a blueberry pie, whip up some blueberry pancakes, or pop the berries into your mouth right off the bush, we know you'll enjoy this delicious taste of summer!
From music to crafts and everything in between, summer festivals abound in the Boston area! Find something for everyone to enjoy, and be sure to let us know how much fun you had in the comments!
We decided this year to gift my son an experience instead of the typical presents, party, and cake. Some years, it's OK to skip the traditional party — and try something new! Here are 10 ideas for celebrating your child's summer birthday.
The Fourth of July is a great time for family fun! There are family-friendly festivities going on across the state in celebration of our nation's independence. Boston Moms Blog wishes you a safe, happy, and fun-filled Fourth!
The KinderCare center itself was absolutely gorgeous. Ramps from floor to floor made it accessible for all. Each classroom was bright and cheerful, with large windows overlooking the Seaport district. Inspirational quotes and Boston-themed accessories and decorations adorned the walls, making this Boston-loving girl feel right at home! Each classroom held a myriad of educational toys that encouraged creative play, neatly organized into centers.

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