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It took approximately two weeks of quarantine for me to turn into my mother. It started simply enough — me staring at my living room wall and deciding I had never really liked the color. And down the rabbit hole...
We started off strong, with homemade checklists compiled from materials sent by my daughter's six different therapists and one teacher. Our workbooks were secured, I put up a dry erase board, I had great online resources. I was ready...
A hundred and one orders placed in the last six months. Every time I try, I fail. No matter what I do, I can’t quit Amazon. And it’s not like I’m a novice at this: I quit Diet Coke AND alcohol....
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of toys in your home? Or that no matter how many new and fun toys you get, your children seem to tire of them quickly and claim they're bored? Now that...
Our daily routine has helped us maintain a sense of structure. I’m teaching my kiddos about responsibility and the importance of a daily routine, but also about flexibility and the element of surprise. As long as we’re getting our daily chores done (make the beds, clean up, brush our teeth), there’s always room for spontaneity and fun!
There are huge benefits of allowing children (and adults!) to listen to podcasts, which are essentially synonymous to the "old school radio shows" of the past. If used frequently, they can improve concentration, critical listening skills, and imagination. Attention and memory are also built over time in order to follow along with the story or episode. I went on a quarantine quest to find my favorite podcasts for kids, and I was totally unprepared with the amount of amazing material I found!
And as it turns out, I still am an entertainer — maybe even more so now. Because being a good host isn’t always about putting on a good show. Sometimes, in a stage of life where everyone is running around with their hair on fire and often feeling overwhelmingly lonely, entertaining is about simply providing a time and place for a gathering, and giving permission for everyone to be a little bit of a mess by being a little bit of a mess yourself.
6:30 a.m. Alarm goes off! Oh my gosh, why are my children so bouncy so early in the morning? And how are their toes so freakishly cold? I wonder if they have my poor circulation? But now they're snuggling. Aww,...
Then one night, my phone froze, turned black, and never turned on again. Naturally, I panicked and tried every trick I could to revive it. The next two days brought snowstorms, so getting a new phone wasn't on the agenda. Besides, by the second day, I didn't really feel the need to go get a new phone. I found that without the steady ping of notifications I was able to truly enjoy my free time. Responding to e-mails right away seemed less urgent, especially when I didn't see them come through instantly on my phone. I felt free.
If what you’re doing feels overwhelming, pick one part of it that you CAN do. Prioritize and decide what the most important, necessary pieces are — instead of what would be the ideal. (Cue the song from Daniel Tiger: “When something is hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.”)
December babies deserve to be celebrated the same way as any other person on their birthday. There are so many small but significant ways to acknowledge both the holidays and the birthdays of those who were born during the most wonderful time of year.
Ah, Christmas. The lights! The presents! The snow! The cookies! The list of ways to celebrate is endless. When my daughter was first born I was so busy planning and executing that I would forget to pick up my camera until Christmas morning. In more recent years I've gotten a bit wiser, and I've started taking pictures much earlier. In fact, I pick up my camera in mid-November and don't put it down until January.
All of a sudden, the school year has begun, the leaves are starting to change, and I'm putting on a sweater. This is the time for apple picking, for yard clean up, and for fall soups. Yes, soup! As the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start dipping, I find nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup. And as a mom of two trying to get dinner on the table after a day at the office, there is nothing more comforting than my Instant Pot — my amazing set-and-forget, one-appliance wonder.
But one thing that’s not so great about 40 is gray hair. Unless you’re blessed with fantastic genes or beautiful blonde hair (where a gray might just politely disappear into the shiny yellow), you may also find yourself in this situation one day. I, too, was once a blonde (ahem, when I was 3) but my hair has grown progressively darker over the years so that it’s close to black today. And boy, do grays show up in close-to-black hair. My hairline is suddenly a serious ‘50 shades of gray’ situation, and not the sexy kind.
What did I think? My skin felt soft and looked so much brighter. I also found it wasn't drinking up moisturizer like before. When I put on makeup a few days later for an event, it went on smoother than normal and stayed put! Other people noticed, too. My husband commented that I was looking so bright the next day. When I replied that I was wearing all black, he said I almost seemed to be glowing. It was the HydraFacial!

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