The Birth Bag :: Be Ready for Birth and Beyond {+ GIVEAWAY}


I’ve had three very different birth experiences. With my first, I was induced since baby was very comfortable in there. With my second, I had a scheduled C-section since she was breech and not willing to turn. For my most recent birth, I had the VBAC I planned for, though everything leading up to going into labor didn’t go as expected. I spent weeks in pre-labor, uncomfortable and miserable. I was ready to head to the hospital at a moment’s notice, and I had my bags packed at 35 weeks with basic necessities to get me through the hospital stay.

What I didn’t plan on were the things I would need for labor and before (other than my husband’s support). Enter The Birth Bag, or, as I call it, “exactly what moms need before, during, and after labor.”

The-birth-bag-04In addition to my suitcase, camera, and a decent pillow, this was a must for me when we were scrambling out the door in between contractions. Everything I needed was literally in one place, ready to go. I’m always looking for fun gifts for moms-to-be that are really for mom, not just for the baby. The Birth Bag is the perfect all-in-one gift, whether it’s for a first-time mom or a seasoned pro.

The Birth Bag is the brainchild of doula Kristin Smith, based on her years of experience. It’s jam packed with everything you might need — nourishing snacks, things to keep you going before and after labor, and postpartum care supplies. Plus, it’s all there in one place, which makes life so much easier when it comes to planning and packing. Mommy brain is real, and there’s no way I was going to remember to pack myself a massage tool (which I used a ton at home before I went into labor), or small things like extra hair ties, birth affirmation cards, and essential oils.


I also loved how much information was in there. Details on how to plan for a VBAC, ways to turn a breech baby, positions to manage labor, and postpartum care tips are all there in one spot. Having everything ready to go made me feel so much better about not taking a birthing class or really preparing for birth beyond ensuring my older children were cared for! Heading into triage with my cute bag (which has already gotten a ton of use since coming home) made me feel ready for anything headed my way.


You can get 10% off the Happy Mom Postpartum Kit with the code HAPPYMOM.

You can also enter to win your own Birth Bag below. We’ll pick a winner on Friday, July 1.

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  1. I deep clean and never open my windows I live in the valley and there’s so much fruit trees everywhere so my allergies are always crazy

  2. I actually haven’t done anything to prevent allergies I’m to tired all the time especially pregnant and with a 15 month old. This bag is amazing due October and don’t have a hospital bag yet

  3. I love the idea of this. As a first time mom I love the idea of anything that helped other people with their own births.

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