Video Interview :: The First 5 Things Homeowners Should Do When Considering a Remodel

Boston Moms is thrilled to partner with NEDC to bring you this valuable information!

Are you a homeowner considering a major remodel? Watch this video first! David Supple walks us through the FIRST 5 things homeowners should do when considering a major home remodel.

NEDC practices a complete planning system that allows for families to understand the complete cost and process prior to starting any construction. Using a design-build method, NEDC creates an end product that is both aesthetically beautiful and fits the needs of your specific lifestyle. By including NEDC from the very start of your homebuying process, you are better protected from unexpected costs and road blocks in construction!
This impeccable attention to detail, unmatched services and trust, and the mission to lift spirits with spaces are the reasons Boston Moms encourages you to seek NEDC for your design and construction needs, even before purchasing your new home!

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