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Thank you to Brian Cavanaugh for partnering with Boston Moms to introduce himself and his mortgage and refinance offerings to our readers!

Are you looking to refinance or purchase a home? At Boston Moms, we know that process can be super stressful. We’d like to introduce you to a trusted resource and our new friend from Mortgage Network.

Meet Brian Cavanaugh — mortgage lender/broker and Boston dad!

Full name: Brian Cavanaugh 

Occupation/business name: Mortgage lender/broker, Mortgage Network 

Children & ages: Charlie (7), Wes (6), Drew (3), and Reese (2 going on 13) 
Hometown: Springfield, MA, living in Hingham now 
Favorite local restaurant: Scarlet Oak Tavern 
Favorite local business or brand: Boston Bruins all the way! Be kind to animals, hug a Bruins fan.
Tell us a bit about your family: It’s insane, loud, and chaotic, but it’s really so much fun. It’s a blast! I am so thankful for my wife — she has an uncanny ability to control the chaos and keep everything operating smoothly.
Tell us a bit about your job: I have been a mortgage broker/lender in Boston for 20 years, and I love everything about it. There is nothing like hearing back from people three or five years later as they’re upgrading their home and want to work together again. I really love helping people — working with first-time homebuyers, figuring out monthly payments for clients, receiving referrals — it’s all great. 
How do you serve local families? I try to be available 24/7 unless it’s tubbie time! I’m happy to help at any time throughout the day. I also started a giving program with the Greater Boston Food Bank — I donate $25 for every loan closed to help feed families in our community. It’s important to me to give back to those in need. 
When local parents are looking to refinance or purchase a home, what is your biggest piece of advice? Do not overextend yourself. Make sure that whatever your monthly payment is, it fits into your monthly budget. I really try to aim for payments no more than 35% of a person’s gross income. 
What is the one thing that surprised you the most about parenthood? It’s so much better than I ever thought it would be — playing games, street hockey outside, and how good of a singer I am!
How do you manage the juggle of your career and parenthood? I have a really good understanding of when it’s time for my children — I know when I need to prioritize them, but here’s another shout-out to my wife. It is truly a team effort. 
What is one piece of advice you’d offer a new dad? Don’t be scared to get silly — have fun! They’re only little once. 
What is one way you take care of yourself? I try to be in bed by 9:30 p.m. and prioritize sleep… whether that happens or not is another story. 
Is there anything else we should know about you or your work? I love the business, I always have, I always will — conveniently, mortgage rates are at all-time lows.

You can contact Brian with your own mortgage and refinancing questions here.

Plus, follow Brian on Facebook and on Instagram


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