Lowell: There’s STILL a Lot to Like


Lowell - Boston Moms

My family loves living in Lowell. If you only know a few things about Lowell, you might think that’s odd. But my top five reasons are a pretty good place to start. 

  1. We’re no more than 10 minutes from a major highway. 
  2. It’s a city! Which means we’re not more than 5 minutes by car (or 10 minutes walking) to a convenience store, grocery store, toy store, or restaurant. 
  3. The UMass Lowell section of Lowell is filled with old mansions on quiet streets and is perfect for a drive-around date night. 
  4. The Blue Taleh has the best sushi I have ever eaten outside of Japan. 
  5. It is one of the most diverse places I’ve ever seen in Massachusetts. 

When I told my friends I was moving to Lowell, they’d jokingly say, “There’s a lot to like about Lowell.” Not being from Massachusetts, I thought it was a statewide inside joke. At some point, I figured out the city had very recently revived the old tourism slogan, “There’s a lot to like about Lowell.” 

Now the catchphrase is “#Lowell: There’s a Lot to Like” — a little different from the original, but not by much. Which is really the perfect way to describe Lowell. UMass Lowell bought and spruced up some of the buildings downtown specifically related to music or arts. You’ll still find a completely functioning Worthen House and Raven Grille. If this were a good year, you could hear Trombone Shorty at the Folk Festival or eat Mill City BBQ at the BBQ and Brews Fest. One day, those things will be back. 

Lowell has lots of little treasures for vegans, musicians, artists, and architecture lovers. And you’ll find some of the most scenic views the city has to offer along the Lowell Riverwalk! We’ve taken lots of post-dinner walks this summer, and we’re always greeted by other families doing the same thing. Even in the time of a pandemic, mutual acknowledgment is expected; seeing anyone is like seeing your neighbor.

We get asked by family and friends when we’ll move closer, and maybe someday we’ll find another place that feels right for our family. But for now, we’re right where we’re supposed to be.